Prophet Bushiri’s ECG Church set to celebrate Global ECG Day on July 25

Maravi Express

Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church will on July 26 celebrate its celebrate Global ECG Day which showcases what the church stands for — Salvation and Philanthropy.

According to a press statement from the church’s communications department posted on Global ECG Day, set aside by leader and founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, inspires every member of the church to be proud to belong in this great family through reaching out and touching, at least, to three non-ECG members.

Prophet Bushiri

The statement says activities on this day will mostly be online for countries still in lockdown but for countries not in lock-down can organize outdoor meetings — such as parades, festivals and philanthropic visits.

The Church will also launch a new website which, among others, will provide a platform for all church members to access relevant information from the church.

“Every national pastor will be given a chance to talk about the membership in their country and how the church is progressing,” says the statement.

“National offices will be guided on how they can coordinate all their branches to hold either evangelism or philanthropic parades meant to reach out to non-ECG members and explain to them what ECG Church is all about.

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“The climax of the day will start from 18:00 hours (CAT) with our father, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, making an address to the entire ECG family.”