Catholic Church’s Rev. Father Kazingatchire dies of COVID-19 related complications

Rev. Father Dr. Dominic Kazingatchire

* As Prophet David Mbewe writes letter of protest over the enforcement of COVID-19 containment measures

By Duncan Mlanjira

The Catholic Church has lost Rev. Father Dr. Dominic Kazingatchire of the Diocese of Dedza on Tuesday from COVID-19 related complications.

A statement from the Catholic Secretariat of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi says Rev. Father Kazingatchire died at Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Blantyre.

Coronavirus alert

It further said Kazingatchire took a COVID-19 test on January 9 at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital where the results came out positive leading the hospital to admit him for further observation and management of his high blood pressure.

“Rev. Father Kazingatchire has gone to the Lord today while serving as director of academic affairs at the Catholic University of Malawi,” said the statement, adding that burial will follow COVID-19 guidelines.

On December 14, 2020, the Catholic Church lost its most revered Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, Tarcisius Ziyaye, who passed on in Namibia where he was receiving medical treatment.

Meanwhile, Prophet David Mbewe who preaches for Shalom Church has written a letter of protest over the enforcement of COVID-19 containment measures announced on Sunday by President Lazarus Chakwera.

Prophet David Mbewe

In particular, Mbewe is against the measure that “all religious gatherings must have no more than 50 people”.

Mbele says “it is perplexing to note that markets and pubs have been allowed to open up to 5pm and 8pm respectively without even stipulating numbers of people”.

“What is so special about limiting religious gatherings to 50 people. You may wish to note that most churches only meet once in a week whilst pubs and markets open daily and enjoy patronage from greater numbers that churches do.

“What wrong did churches do to this administration, one may wonder. I, therefore, strongly urge this administration to revisi the COVID-19 containment measures announced on 17/01/2021,” he writes.

Coronavirus alert