Malawian Liverpool Fan Club donates Fetal Dopplers to Queens Hospital

* Hightech equipment for monitoring fetuses in pregnant mothers

* A response to COVID-19 to protect healthcare workers

By Duncan Mlanjira

Malawian Liverpool FC Fan Club on Friday donated 10 Fetal Dopplers valued at K1.4 million to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital.

Fetal dopplers are hightech equipment for monitoring fetuses in pregnant mothers and this donation is very significant as it is a response to the observance of social distancing measure for the prevention of COVID-19.

Demonstration of the contraption equipment

One of the Fan Club’s senior member, Chris-Tofa Kapanga said the equipment (contraption) that Queens has in use hitherto requires the healthcare workers to get up close and personal to the patient to listen to the fetus’s pulse.

“This immensely expose the healthcare workers to possibly contract the disease if the patient happens to be positive or vice versa,” he said.

“The new tech we have donated will not only improve the distancing between the health workers and the pregnant women, but also accurately measure fetuses’ pulses.”

Hightech style of doing it

The new tech equipment has a long cord to increase distance between the pregnant mother and the healthcare workers.

“We are proud to belong to this group, which believes in making a difference in society,” Kapanga said.

“One of our objectives as a group is to step in and assist the society we live in whenever there is need to do so. This donation is in line with this objective.”

He added that other projects they have undertaken included providing sanitary pads to a school girls in Ndirande to ensure that girls who could not afford them should stay in school full time. “We shall continue doing this going forward.”


They fundraise in different shapes — straighforward giving by members and also pool together a sum of money for each clean sheet that Liverpool achieves.

“Then there are fines for members who post wayward stuff onto the Whatsapp group — all this is done in a friendly fun spirit.

“This group is domiciled in Malawi but the members are male and female resident both in Malawi and in the diaspora. We have non- Malawians too.

“Though we are not really rich people, we realise there are people worse off than ourselves out there. We also realise disasters will strike our society from time to time, like this pandemic has shown us.

“This is why charity is one of our prime focuses. It started as a chat group only but we evolved to charity because this is one area where we are like minded,” Kapanga said.

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