GOtv announces Enhanced Decoder Notification functionality to keep viewers informed and in control

Maravi Express

In its strive to give its customers its best services, GOtv is launching Enhanced Decoder Notification (EDN) functionality to enhance communication with its subscribers.


The new functionality will give GOtv subscribers valuable information at their fingertip so that they keep being entertained, said Multichoice Malawi Managing Director, Gus Banda in a statement.

He said the EDN functionality that will launch on Friday, March 19th, refers to a set of icons that appear on the screen containing valuable information like how many viewing days are left before a customer’s next payment is due, the latest special offers and discounts, as well as information on new content, campaigns and upcoming celebrations.

MultiChoice Malawi MD, Gus Banda

“All that customers need to do to access this information is to press ‘OK’ then ‘messages’ on the menu bar before using the arrow keys to scroll through the different messages,” Banda said.

“At GOtv we are always striving to stay ahead of the latest innovations to give our customers the most convenient and innovative service. The Enhanced Decoder Notification is just another way we are trying to deliver on this promise.”

The EDN functionality will be rolled out in the following markets; Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Ghana and Uganda — all on Friday, March 19.

“GOtv continues to position itself as one of Africa’s most accessible sources of family entertainment. With the new EDN service, we ensure that our customers will have fewer interruptions during viewing,” he said.

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