Chiradzulu MPs, Councillors, Chiefs bemoan borehole vandalism

By Chrissie Mainjeni, MEC Stringer

Members of Parliament, Councillors and chiefs in Chiradzulu have condemned the rampant vandalism of boreholes almost on a daily basis.

This was observed during the Chiradzulu District Council meeting on Friday, that was participated by five MPs, Joseph Nomale for Chiradzulu East; Mactimes Malowa (Chiradzulu Central); Joseph Mwanamveka (Chiradzulu South); Patrick Matola (Chiradzulu North) and Matthews Ngwale (Chiradzulu West).

The delegates to the meeting

First to raise the issue was MP Nomale, who said his area registers borehole vandalism cases on a daily basis and he expressed concern  that there has never been an arrest made despite reporting the incidents to the police on several occasions.

“I wonder if this is a cartel or something because they have never been arrested,” he said and pledged a reward of K100,000 to whoever tips the police on the suspects.

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Malowa joined in to say it is sad that such malpractices are taking place when water is already a major challenge in the district.

On this note, the five MPs called on the Water Office to ensure they install security locks when drilling boreholes to address the issue.

Mwase (left) and Mazinga (right)

In his response, the district’s Water Officer, McPherson Kuseli assured the lawmakers that his office will see to it that boreholes are safeguarded to serve it’s purpose.

Chiradzulu faces water challenges among others due to it’s mountainous terrain which affects water table.

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At the meeting, the Council unanimously re-elected Bruno Mwase as chairperson for the Council, who called for unity among stakeholders to achieve meaningful development.

Mwase won with 15 votes and is being deputised by Phylis Mazinga, who amassed 10 votes against Distone Mphero’s 5 votes.

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In his acceptance speech to his position which runs from 2020-2021, Mwase pledged to facilitate equal distribution of projects as well as promoting peace.

“It is obvious that development flourishes when there’s is peace and cordination among stakeholders. That will be my priority area to ensure that Chiradzulu wears a new face,” he said.