Power of investment book ‘Khobidi Malawi’ attracting great demand

By Duncan Mlanjira

The financial investment book, Khobidi Malawi — which Blantyre-based journalist, Alick Sichali of Ufulu FM authored — has attracted great demand prompting the author to distribute it countrywide.

Sichali said more than 100 copies were sold in a month after its release last month and is being sold through books-shops and other outlets such as Claim Mabuku, Central BookShop, Nkhungudzu BookShop, Bookland international, Bookmate publishers, Mzuzu Book Centre, Poly Total Filling Station, Kwaharaba, Triphant BookShop, Bookworm, Neat Ideas and several others.


“The feedback has been great, I should say,” Sichali said. “More people are interested in buying the book.

“With the feedback, I have so far distributed the books country wide and some people are also demanding a book seminar so that I can explain more and that is being looked into.

“The aim is to reach out to more people here in Malawi so that they can get the financial knowledge and experience the change of their life financially if they utilize the tips in the book.”

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The book, sold at K4,500, gives examples of some success stories of founders of some companies — explaining how they made it in life.

Sichali thanked the support he received from various stakeholders and the media.

“Some great business tycoons have endorsed the book and for that I am thankful. I urge all people to read it as the saying goes ‘knowledge is power.

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“People will learn how to succeed in their businesses or come up with business ideas of their own following examples of the country’s self made millionaires.”

It is written in English and easy to read as it targets everyone across the board.

This is the first time for a very young Malawian entrepreneur to publish a book of such nature and having inspired from the experience of putting his ideas into a book, he intends to write more in the near future.

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Sichali — who studied his journalism at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) and has practised for over 3 years now — said he was inspired to come out with the book to try and reduce the gap that exists in terms of investment knowledge.

He has had hands on experience with several business investment tycoons that include founder of FISD Company Limited as well as owner of FDH Financial Holdings Limited, Thom Mpinganjira.

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Sichali, who is also the communication manager for Liquid Visions Malawi of which he is also one of the founders, previously worked for MIJ FM, Times 360 and Produce Magazine.

Liquid Visions Malawi is a multimedia company which is located in Blantyre, City Plaza Building that does branding services, graphic designing, videography, documentaries, photography, audio production just to mention a few.

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Liquid Visions has business links with big companies such as World Vision Malawi, NBS Bank, Azam, Timeline, Boss Ficheries and several others.

Apart from specialising in business reporting as well as being a business man selling different items online, Sichali also covers sports and is content manager for Owinna Soccer Malawi.