Phyzix kick starts promotion tour of his new hit Tina with a performance at Catholic University on Friday

Highly popular artist, Phyzix

* Featuring Bee Jay, Ace Jeezy, Tarill and Naerae 420, the tour promises some fireworks

* The show is giving chance to up-and-coming talents to showcase their talents

By Petro Mkandawire, MANA

Tina, the hit song released by the country’s highly popular artist, Phyzix featuring Bee Jay and Ace Jeezy, has received a very good feedback by the people across Malawi and with over 63k views on YouTube channel.


Following its success, Phyzix, Bee Jay and Ace Jeezy will kick start a promotion tour of his new song with a performance at Catholic University at Chimpanda near DM hostel on Friday — that will also be spiced by presence of Tarill and Naerae 420 as one way of stimulate up-and-coming artist to improve the music industry

In an interview on Tuesday with music promoter and entertainment booking manager, Nachipo said they decided to do the tour in several parts of the country and apart from promoting the hit, the show is giving chance to up-and-coming talents to showcase their talents.

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“We believe in pushing talents and entertaining our people,” he said. “This year, we are starting with this tour and our fans should expect nothing but the best,” he said.



himself, who is also chairperson of Musician Union of Malawi-Southern Chapter, said the reception of his new song Tina has been overwhelming and he is very ready to kick start its.

He also said he believes promoting up and coming artist will improve music industry in the country while pledging that entertainment fans “should expect top class performances from all artist.

“Events like this improves the relationship between us musicians and our fans since its one way of appreciating their support,” Phyzix said.


He added that for music industry to be at par with other industries from neighbouring countries, particularly Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, government needs to support them with piracy deal through lawmakers and establishing an art council.

One of Phyzix’s fan, Philip Damiano said the hit song Tina is legit and he is expecting a lot from this tour since it will be the first time for him to experience Phyzix’s live performance.

“I am expecting a lot of energy from my favorite artist as well as the whole show since it involves a collaboration of well-known artist who give music fans brilliant performances and nice music,” Damiano said.