Nyamilandu celebrates 50th birthday by treating waste dump site people to a sumptuous lunch

By Duncan Mlanjira

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president Walter Nyamilandu did some extraordinary in celebrating his 50th birthday on Thursday by treating people who live off each day at the waste dumpsite along Zomba Road to a sumptuous lunch.


He went on to post the event on his Facebook page in which he said: “A day well spent as I celebrated my 50th birthday with the people that live on scraps and garbage at the dump yard (kuntaya).

“I was horrified by their abject poverty and dire desparation. I was happy though to bring a smile on their faces. Let’s reach out to save a soul.”

He went further to say he was warned that the dumpsite was “a no-go-zone” but he was pleasantly surprised that they were friendly and mingled with his delegation.

“I was amazed that they do fear God and I took opportunity to preach to them and sing Gospel music awesome.

“The outcome was huge when I donateda football. I was impressed to hear that they play football and they have a league.

“I am planning further support in form of street football to keep them busy. There is a lot that we can do, we just need to reach out.”

After his post, a lot of people sneered at the gesture, saying what he offered wasn’t a long lasting solution with others despising Nyamilandu  that he is the longest saving FAM president — comments that made Geoffrey Mugabe Frezah to react to.

Frezah observed that people in Malawi are so obsessed with hate and negativity and no wonder in the national anthem there is an inclusion of prayer that God should keep us from ‘envy’ (nsanje).


“That video in circulation is very great, I nearly shed tears when I was watching it. He closed it with a prayer, giving them hope,” he said.

Alta Bottoman joined in wondering why people are criticizing his open show of love, saying if they feel these desperate people need last solution, they should just go ahead and contribute to that.

“Ngati Jesus anayakha ophunza ake kuti inu ovutika azakhalapobe mpaka kale nde akuona ngati Walter angachotse umphwawi wa aliyese?” (Even Jesus told his disciples that there shall always be people to suffer from poverty and that Nyamilandu cannot solve many people’s poverty levels).

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