Chinese national who distributed demeaning video Lu Ke extradited back to Malawi from Zambia

* The fugitive had fled to Zambia through unchartered routes

* He was later apprehended and fined accordingly by the Government of Zambia for illegal entry

* Operation successful through cooperation from both governments of China and Zambia

By Priscilla Phiri, MANA

The Chinese national, Lu Ke, also known as SuSu, who is responsible for the production and distribution of demeaning videos involving Malawian children, has been successfully deported to Malawi by the Zambian Government on Saturday, July 16.


According to a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 17, the fugitive fled Malawi after the publication of a BBC report that exposed the dehumanizing videos that he produced by tricking Malawian children in Lilongwe and Mchinji districts for profit.

The Malawi Government, through its cooperation with both the governments of China and Zambia, established that the fugitive had fled to Zambia through unchartered routes.

He was later apprehended and fined accordingly by the Government of Zambia for illegal entry.

The Government of Malawi, through the Ministries of Homeland Security, Justice and Foreign Affairs, made an extradition request to the Zambian Government for the fugitive.

The statement further highlights that after completing the extradition request made by the Government of Malawi, the Zambian Government handed over the fugitive at Mchinji boarder on Saturday.


Meanwhile, Lu Ke is expected to appear in court where he will be charged for contravening various laws of Malawi which the Director of Public Prosecutions will outline soon.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has further commended the Government of Zambia for the assistance rendered in this matter and also commended the Chinese Government for their cooperation and sharing information.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged members of the public to be vigilant and ensure that the rights of children are not abused in any way, shape or form.

Following a conclusive investigative journalism piece by BBC Africa Eye journalist, Runako Celina — its was established that Lu Ke was abusing rights of Malawian children by shooting derogatory videos which he sold for huge profit back in China.

Runako’s feature on BBC

In her feature on BBC, Runako disclosed that she had accessed one video that went viral globally in which a group of children were taught to speak a Chinese phrase in which they unknowingly uttered what was translated as ‘blacks are devils and blacks have low IQ’.

When it went globally viral, Runako made her own investigations that showed such videos are being made in various African country in which their producers sell for huge profits.

The children were made to speak in Chinese and unknowingly attest that the Chinese are good people and in turn are rewarded with some food gifts.

Runako managed to trace that the ‘blacks are devils and blacks have low IQ’ video was shot in Malawi and in particular in Njerwa, Lilongwe and she solicited the help of the local journalist Henry Mhango to confirm that indeed Susu was based there.

Upon confirmation, Runako visited Malawi and with Mhango made a few clandestine investigations using a fellow Chinese equipped with a hidden camera in which Susu confirmed he did took the video but later retracted it whilst asking the informer to delete it.

In that clandestine investigation, the hidden camera caught Susu making racist remarks against Malawian blacks, saying they as Chinese should never feel sorry for their underprivileged lives.

Runako and Mhango interviewed parents of six-year-old Bright — one of the children used prominent for all such videos in which he gives a thumbs up with a charming smile — who shed tears when they were told by the two journalists what their son had been subjected to.

Bright also revealed that he was sometimes pinched or whipped when he missed out some of the Chinese phrases.

The boy’s father appealed to the authorities asking is the Chinese national should be evicted from their area.

Another parent attested that she tried to stop her child from visiting the Chinese but Susu kept coming and forced him back to his demeaning actions.

Runako and Mhango also engaged the kids, some of whom identified themselves in the demeaning videos.


When the two accosted the Chinese in the company of an interpreter, he vehemently denied shooting such videos, which according to Runako’s investigations, he made 380 videos a day earning himself around K77 — but was paying the children something below US$1.

There have been made allegations made against the conduct of Chinese national’s in the country, who have time and again been accused of abusing their employees but had inconclusive investigations by the police and relevant authorities.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that when people report of such human rights abuses, the suspects use other Malawians as middlemen to hugely bribe the whistleblowers, who — because of poverty — receive the kickbacks and withdraw their allegations.—Additional reporting by Duncan Mlanjira