Chanco Students Union bemoans discriminatory behavior of law students towards other students


By Duncan Mlanjira

Chancellor Students Union (SUCC) have condemned the discriminatory behalf of the Faculty of Law students in which they allegedly undermine students from other faculties through verbal utterances.

A statement from SUCC issued on Friday says this has come to the fore following the fire that gutted the faculty of law buildings when the law students tried to restrict the rest of the community, including SUCC executive members from entering the building to help put out the fire and rescue properties.

The fire that caught law building

“Therefore, law students are warned explicitly that such behavior must cease,” says the statement. “Let all students enjoy the peace that they deserve as Chancellor College students.”

The memo says the fire caught the attention of of all students, who willingly offered to help.

“Besides this kind hearted attitude that these students showed, it was observed that the law students were ungrateful for the action.

Helping rescue property

“Not only that, the memo released by the students’ Law Society clearly emphasized and gave the whole campus a picture that there is a difference between law faculty and other faculties on campus.

“What difference are you talking about, yet we are all Chanco students? How could you emphasize that you belong to a faculty and other students to mere departments?

“How could you demonstrate for air conditioning without the knowledge of SUCC?

“We remind law students to keep in mind that every student who belongs to Chancellor College and paid SUCC membership fee is under SUCC rules and therefore take your actions under the umbrella of SUCC.”

The Union reminds the law students that no program is above the other and that the only measure of distinction among students that can be used is the way each one of them uses their intellectual capabilities.

“We give a word of applause to all the students who helped during the weekend incident that shocked the entire Chancellor College community. 

“Let us continue to remain united under all circumstances,” says the memo from SUCC.