Vigil to force removal of Nsanje’s Senior Chief Malemia called off at intervention of President Chakwera

The concerned community members had their food cooked right at the Council premises

* The concerned citizens accuse their chiefs of poor leadership and corruption practices

By Robert Nayeja, MANA

A group of people has called off their peaceful vigil they held at Nsanje District Commissioner’s office — that were held for two days to force the removal of thrower traditional leader, Senior Chief Malemia after President Lazarus Chakwera’s intervention.


In an interview one of the concerned citizens, Isaac Nyakamera said they decided to call off the vigil after an assurance from Chakwera that he had instituted a commission of enquiry to investigate the concerns raised by the people.

According the group, they decided to hold the vigil due to what they called poor leadership and corruption practices by their chiefs.

“We feel that authorities have heard our concerns and we are moving out of this place,” said Nyakamera. “We will be following each step that will be taken and we believe justice will take its course.

President Chakwera

He added said since the grouping held demonstrations in December, they have been meeting different stakeholders including the Deputy Minister of Local Government and director of local government to addresss their issue but to no avail.

However, some group village headmen from Senior Chief Malemia on Thursday had petitioned the District Commissioner’s office against those who were holding vigil at the Council premises.

In an interview, Group Village Head Jofilisi said those who want Senior Chief Malemia sacked have baseless reasons.


“We are the custodians of land,” Chief Jofilisi said. “How can they claim that our Senior Chief is selling government land without us knowing? All the clams are not true.”

According to the letter signed by Secretary for Local Government, James Chiusiwa, among others, the commission of inquiry comprises Senior Chief Chimaliro from Thyolo, Senior Chief Mabulabo and Paramount Kawinga as its chairperson.