SRCL election results withheld by CHESSAM after complaint of irregularities is lodged

By Duncan Mlanjira

Saturday’s Southern Region Chess League (SRCL) elections results have been withheld following a complaint lodged by one of the contestants, Peter Jailosi alleging that there was an irregularity on the post of chairperson.

Jailosi’s campaign poster

Communication from SRCL general secretary, Gift Howahowa — who went in unopposed — said CHESSAM is expected to come up with a verdict and the official results will be published by Tuesday, October 27.

He said CHESSAM president Susan Namangale informed the league that one of the contestants lodged a complaint about some irregularities during the elections SRCL will announce the CHESSAM verdict once investigations are concluded.

Steve Mpighu retained his post as chairperson but Jailosi is complaining that Mpighu did not first express his interest to rerun up until on the 11th hour at the venue of the election itself, Blantyre Water Board social club.


Jailosi, who was Mpighu’s deputy in the previous committee, is reported to have lodged his complaint to the mother governing body Chess Association of Malawi (CHESAM) — whose general secretary Leonard Sharra was the election’s returning officer — that Mpighu submitted his bid after the deadline had passed.

According to alerts that were being submitted by publicity secretary Wadza Otomani on a chess media whatsapp forum, Mpighu had not indicated his interest to rerun up until noon, an hour before the elections.

Before then the official contestants were Jailosi, Stanley Mpinganira and Weston Namalomba.

The elections were handled by CHESSAM GS
Leonard Sharra (left)

During the now contested chairmanship election, Mpighu garnered 7 points, Jailosi 6, Mpinganjira 3 and Namalomba none from the 17 members that voted.

The new vice-chairperson is James Psyelera, who was ushered in unopposed just as Howahowa as general secretary and Martin Nyamilandu as treasurer and Wadza Otomani as publicity secretary.

Regional schools coordinator is Claigh Tikita (6 votes) beating MacMillan Gondwe (0) while the committee members are Candidate Master Chiletso Chipanga (5); Akim Chihana (4) John Mkumba (3) and Precious Kamwendo (3).

Euzebious Damuza got 2 votes while Desiderata Nkhoma and Kujaliwa Kapyepye did not earn any.

During the elections

Mpighu had said he was honoured that the members have put trust in him to guide the league and said he was confident of doing well because the the committee comprises very experienced people in chess.

He pledged to set up a marketing position in order to bring a positive face for the league that can gain confidence of potential sponsors.

But all this is waiting the decision of CHESSAM following Jailosi’s complaint.

Meanwhile, the other two CHESSAM leagues — Central Region and NRCL committees — are legit. CRCL elected Mark Ndipita as chairperson, Tapiwa Banda as vice-chairperson; Kondwani Magombo as general secretary and Leonard Mbwana as treasurer.

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Davie Mawango is the league’s publicity secretary, Candidate Master Petros Mfune is the regional schools coordinator while committee members are Chikondi Manetti, CM George Mwale and Laston Kaledzera.

The new NRCL committee has Francis Kudzula as chairperson, Vincent Luhanga as vice-chairperson, Francisco Mwangupili as general secretary and Darwin Laura as treasurer.

The publicity secretary is Tina Kumwenda, schools coordinator is Knowledge Mtambo and executive members are Wilson Chingati, Kondwani Phimba and Willard Msendema.

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