Online network business CROWD1 membership hits 5.25m worldwide

By Duncan Mlanjira

Membership for the online network business, CROWD1 Marketing, which South Africa-based football legend Kennedy Malunga brought to Malawi, has reached 5.25 million at the close of business on Thursday.

Malunga, who brought Crowd1 in February through marketing seminars in Blantyre and other parts of the country, says he is impressed that many Malawians have joined the online network business and numbers are expected to go up since the members are enticing each other to join this worth creation online portal.

Kennedy Malunga brought Crowd1 to

To instill confidence in the potential members he targeted, Malunga brought with him CROWD1’s directors and international financial, Peter Chawanda and Derrick Robert, who hosted a number of seminars on life changing business opportunity.

“At the time I came to Malawi to introduce Crowd1, we had more than 50 and the number was growing everyday,” he said on Thursday evening.


“The numbers have grown since then because a lot more people are joining. I don’t know exactly how many they are at the moment but we are aiming to reach 500 to 1,000 Malawians within a short period of time.”

CROWD1, whose membership in February was at over 2 million when Malunga brought the business to Malawi, boasts of millions of Euros in investment offering rewards that one can purchase and earn their own rewards according to their package and levels.

All one needs is a smartphone

“It’s an attractive and huge membership because online marketing is huge to modern world because you can work anywhere — in the office, at home, in a car or bus.

“Most importantly, you only need a smart phone, tablets or laptop and you don’t need huge office space, your don’t need staff to help you and this is why it’s attracting huge followers around the world because you work at your own pace but earning huge.”

Crowd1 CEO Johan Staël von

One can join through a person that has introduced you to Crowd1, who will supply you with a form to complete and you deposit R2,000 (K95,000) through a local bank account whose details are on the entry form.

The form and proof of payment are sent either via WhatsApp, email or any form for the account to get loaded.

The new member is then given a username and password for them start their business immediately.

Once one joins, they can entice others to join on their back and the more members one brings aboard, the more they earn rewards they accumulate per week.

Malunga says CROWD1 brings possibilities of a lifetime residual cash flow, based on one’s teams’ growth from which one benefits through weekly rewards.

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One can benefit from 4 bonuses associated with CROWD1 — daily bonus payment for every member one has invited and joined on CROWD1 and dividends paid to each member according to their package and levels, paid out every quarter or annually.

There is also matching bonus in which you earn Euro’s per match up since the system will match your members joined because of you and pay you accordingly.

There is also a Residual Bonus, which is a monthly payment, earned whenever someone uses the products and services through third party affiliates such as Affilgo — the gambling site.

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Malunga said he is a proud member of CROWD1 and was introduced to it by friends who had prospered in this industry.

He disclosed that he has earned a lot of money from inviting new members to join his team, which now is complete.

“For every person who joined either through myself or through others in my team, I received an income in Euros, and grew.

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“I’ve benefited richly in the bonuses available from CROWD1. I have used the company to expand my team and sought out those in need of financial growth.

“I have received an income from CROWD1 to sustain and made profit over the 6 months of joining from the lowest package and I have now grown and upgraded to the final package, Titanim.”

He added that one’s business grows just by merely educating others about CROWD1 and how to make money in this business.

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He assures Malawians to join this business in which he also enticed his entire family in South Africa, Malawi and elsewhere.

“I would not have made my family to become part of a company that is bogus and a scam.

“This company has circulated on a worldwide business platform. I  am ensuring financial stability for all those who are unemployed and even those who are employed.

“Please, let’s join hands to improve our financial lifestyle by simply educating each other on how to join and make money,” Malunga said.