New solo Gospel artist Gertrude Malulu tests waters by releasing two tracks from album she is working on

* Album is ‘Ndikadzanka Kumwamba’  and tracks released are entitled ‘Banja Lokondwa’ and ‘I have a Longing’

By Duncan Mlanjira

Having sang for a long time in Vineyard Family Choir, Gertrude Malulu has now decided to pursue her dreams as a solo artist and is working on a 10-track album which she plans to release early next year.

Gertrude Malulu set to rock the Gospel music industry

She has now decided to release two tracks from the ‘Ndikadzanka Kumwamba’ album — entitled ‘Banja Lokondwa’ and ‘I have a Longing’ — for public to sample her singing and also to have time to correct and accommodate their important feedback in order to perfect her whole project.

She explains: “I never dreamt that I would be a gospel musician though I had been singing in several choirs since my secondary school days in the 1990s.

“Then in 2009, I started hearing songs in my mind with a tune whenever I was in solitude at a quiet place. I would eventually forget after some time.

“Then I started writing songs and by early 2010, I had about 12 songs. I practised for studio but failed because I had no time due to busy schedule.”

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She goes further to say that she recently she started recording songs at Gifted People Studio, managed by Gift Bamusi.

“I completed recording on October 8, 2021 and again it took longer time because of my busy schedule and right now the duplicating of CDs is being done.”

Malulu says she was born and grew up in Mangochi before relocating with her parents in Lilongwe at Area 18.

She has a Masters Degree in Environmental Science obtained at Chancellor College (University of Malawi) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Technology from Polytechnic,  now MUBAS.

She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Exploits University.