Mutharika rejects claims he has a brother named Thom Mutharika

Kalani Thom Mutharika

By Duncan Mlanjira

In trying to gain political mileage, estranged Democratic Progress Party (DPP) vice-president for the South, Kondwani Nankhumwa, visited a man identified as Kalani Thom Mutharika — who claims to be a relation to former Presidents Bingu and Peter Mutharika.


But a statement from DPP’s spokesperson, Shadric Namalomba says the immediate past President Peter Mutharika disputes and rejects claims that Kalani Thom Mutharika is related to his clan.

“The public should know that in the family of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika there were six children who survived adulthood: Jimmie, Lizzie, Bingu, Ida, Peter (our President) and Christina.

“Any person who claims to be a sibling to the Mutharika family is a fraud and an impostor,” says the statement, whilst asking Nankhumwa to “slow down and reflect” as he is taking his “war for presidency too far against innocent people”.

Nankhumwa, who is the Leader of Opposition in Parliament representing the DPP and is aspiring to be the Party’s next president, is described as “kind-hearted” for taking “time off his busy schedule to visit and cheer up Kalani Thom Mutharika”.

Nankhumwa with Kalani Thom Mutharika

The report on social media, Facebook claims Kalani is brother to Peter Mutharika and that he is destitute having been ill for some time.

Nankhumwa, who is reported to have donated various assorted items for Kalani’s upkeep, also pledged to construct him a decent house as he does not own one and lives in his sister’s house at Kachingwe Village in Traditional Authority Mkalo in Chiradzulu.

The report said Kalani described Nankhumwa visit — that included several traditional chiefs, Kalani’s three children and Pastor Joseph Thom Mutharika — as a rare gesture, which is done by a few people.

Nankhumwa at Goliati trading centre thereafter

Thereafter, Nankhumwa is reported to have visited Goliati Trading Centre in Thyolo where he discussed with Father Damazio Ngoma various issues affecting the development of the Chingazi Sacred Heart Parish and the social and economic status of the people within the parish’s jurisdiction.

Recently, Peter Mutharika condemned Nankhumwa for using pictures of Bingu on a political poster and pleaded with his vice-president toretract the poster, saying the “purpose of this callous action is to give the impression that the late Bingu would have endorsed this individual’s candidacy”.

“As President of the DPP and head of the Mutharika family, I am distressed by this exploitation of our departed relative. I am therefore asking the individual concerned to withdraw this poster and to never post another one.”

Nankhumwa’s poster had a screaming headline ‘Kalikonse Mukaona in 2022’ and quotes Bingu as saying “Power is never given on a silver platter. You must fight for it”.

But soon after that statement several other DPP influential members, that include presidential aspirant David Mbewe, Sameer Suleman, Joyce Chitsulo, Charles Nchacha, Nicholas Dausi, secretary-general Gelzeder Jeffrey followed suit.

The others pay tribute to Bingu, saying he was “father and founder of the once mighty DPP” and that “he was a visionary leader, fatherly, God fearing and intelligent” with a hashtag: “may his soul rest in peace

David Mbewe describes himself as ‘the game changer’ saying “Change is Coming”.

The DPP has six presidential aspirants— Nankhumwa; Paul Gadama; Dalitso Kabambe; David Mbewe; Bright Msaka and Joseph Mwanamveka.