Muluzi’s son Zake trending as ‘Malawian Monster’ in UK’s Strongest Man competitions as he sets sights on Scotland’s title

The Monster at work pulling a construction tractor

Maravi Express

Former President Bakili Muluzi’s son, Zake — who was born in Malawi and moved to Scotland at the age of 14 — is making rounds as the ‘Malawian Monster’ in UK’s Strongest Man competitions.



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Last month, he won the John O’Groats Strongest Man to clinch an engraved glass trophy and £1,000 winner’s prize on his debut appearance at the event.

And according to, the Malawian — based who is based in Nairn — vowed that he will return next year to defend his title.

He is now setting his sights on the Scotland’s Strongest Man competition this month and quotes him saying: “I’m hoping to do well in that.”

The report says the John O’Groats Strongest Man had seven gruelling rounds that consisted of a keg medley — Farmer’s Walk; squat lift; monster dumbbell press; deadlift; Fingal’s Finger and tyre flip and drag.

Four points awarded to the winner of each discipline down to a single point for the fourth-placed contestant with Muluzi collecting 23 points, one-and-a-half clear of favorite Calum Elder while Rob Crockett from Aberdeen was third on 15.5 and Kris Hamilton on 4th with 10 points.

John O’Groats strongman organiser, Kevin Macgregor described Zake as “a worthy winner. We have a new champion so that means I’ll have to do it next year too.”

Crowds were encouraged to donate via a bucket collection and a total of £191.35 was raised for Cancer Research UK.

Zake, who is third born to Bakili and Patricia Shanil, and holds a Bachelors Degree in Retail and Marketing and Master’s Degree in International Business from Sterling University.He attained his A Levels at Edinburg Academy.

With his Scottish wife Lindsay

He is married to a high school teacher Lindsay, whose marriage in 2017 was attended by Bakili and his former wife Patricia Shanil held in Inverness, Scotland that was graced by British lawyer and retired politician, Colleen Cameron.

Also in attendance was another of Mulizi’s sons Atupele, then Minister of Lands and several high profile Scots.

Muluzi chatting with Coleen Cameron at the 2017 wedding

The wedding 

Group picture at the wedding