Meteorological department asks public to stay in doors during thunderstorms


By Chikondi Basikolo, MANA

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) says most areas across the country’s regions are expected to experience thunderstorm weather conditions and in such instances, the general public is advised to take precautionary measures such as staying indoors of strong concrete structures or vehicles until the thunderstorms clear.

“This is to avoid being struck by lightning or being harmed by flying objects blown off from weak structures as gusty winds associated with thunderstorms are likely to rip off roofs from buildings and breaking off trees and their branches,” said DCCMS director, Jolamu Nkhokwe in a statement issued on Sunday. 

He also advised the public to stay off corded or mobile phones, avoid touching electrical equipment or cords, plumbing pipes and not to start taking a  bath or dish washing.

People are also advised to stay away from windows and doors, not to swim or fish, to stay at a low spot away from trees, metal fences, pipes, tall and long objects during a thunderstorm to prevent being struck by lightning.

The director said the thunderstorms will be locally heavy and will be associated with locally heavy downpours, hailstorms, lightning and strong winds.

He, therefore, asks the public to continuously monitor the available daily and weekly weather updates on television and radios for planning daily purposes to ensure that they are safe from any weather related threats.

Nkhokwe further said that authorities and community leaders should continue ensuring that storm-water drainage systems are well managed, clear of rubbish and fill up potholes on the roads to ease flow of storm-water runoff that flows off impervious surface areas such as roads, roofs, driveways, parking lots, streets and other hard surfaces and old trees to avoid flooding.