MBC cheers sick legendary comedian Anyoni’

By Loness Gwazanga, MANA

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) staff on Tuesday visited and cheered celebrated Pamajiga artist, Elson Soko — popularly known as Anyoni — who has been sick for a while now at his home in Machinjiri, Blantyre.

MBC Director General Aubrey Sumbuleta accompanied the staff and told the press thereafter that Soko had played an important role on educating, informing and entertaining the nation, hence the need to be by his side until he gets back on his feet.

Sumbuleta chatting with Anyoni

Sumbuleta then assured that he would ensure the artist is sent to a good hospital where best treatment is guaranteed.

“We take Soko as a member of MBC family and when we heard about his sickness, we decided to come and cheer him,” Sumbuleta said.

“Artists play an important role in broadcasting business and therefore, we cannot forsake them when they are in trouble.

The members of staff

“As MBC, we shall discuss with our mother ministry on how best we can help and take him to a good hospital for best treatment.

“We are optimistic that with the intervention, he shall be back on his feet and continue serving Malawians.”

In his remarks, Anyoni said he was thankful for the kind gesture and expressed hope of getting better the soonest.

“I have been part of MBC for a very long time and it has uplifted my life to this far.

Anyoni upbeat of recovery

“My journey with MBC had been interesting such that over the years, I became a household name and thus, I regard MBC as part of me.

“With your support, I am hopeful that I will get better so that I continue where I stopped,” he said.

The staff brought its them assorted food items as well as cash to keep his family going, a gesture Anyoni said he does not take for granted as it would go a long way improving his recovery.

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