Malawian poet Kamanga collaborates with Zambian counterpart in recording ‘Secrete of Love’

Luka Kamanga, AKA Lukay

By Blessings Kaunda, MANA

UP-and-coming Malawian poet trending as Lukay Kamanga — real name Luka Kamanga — has collaborated with Zambian poet, Inkpockett in his first poem of 2022 entitled ‘Secrete of Love’, which was produced and recorded in Zambia.


Speaking in an interview Friday, Kamanga said he was honoured to that excited Inkpockett accepted to collaborate with him and arranged the poem’s production and recording to be done in Zambia at Vibs Studio, All Work Talent City — a development which he said he never dreamt of.

“I feel blessed to partner with this Zambian poet,” he said. “I did not know that there are people out there who recognize my art — all thanks to my Zambian friend Don Kingston who linked me up with Inkpockett,” Kamanga said.

He added that the poem was developed very efficiently Inkpockett was passionate about it and further pledged Malawians to expect improved poetry art in 2022 as he intends to make more collaborations with international poets.


“I am working on another piece called Flashback with a Nigerian poet, Demicolon. It is expected to be released early February this year,” he said.

Secrete of Love is a poem which features a person who has never experienced anything about love until he falls in love with a caring lady.

Part of the poem reads:

“…the way of being single/

same having a garden with no flowers/

Love is like marijuana that drives people mad/

When my friends spoke about being in love/

I never imagined that will all feel so amazing.”


Poetry Association of Malawi (PAM) vice-president, Daniel Zabuloni Dama said they are are always pleased when they see more upcoming artists penetrating the poet market.

“We have planned to conduct trainings so that we can teach them how they can better purse their art and improve in writing.

“We have a chapter in each of the region in the country, and we will be going to these chapters to train our members,” Dama said while pledging that PAM will continue supporting all categories of poetry since some are skilled in writing and others in reciting.

He urged poets to join PAM and stand a chance of improving their career.