List of voting centres for the March 30 By-elections in 7 constituencies and two wards

Maravi Express

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) is set to hold By-elections on March 30, 2021 in 7 constituencies and two wards that fell vacant.

The constituencies are Karonga Northwest, Ntchisi North, Lilongwe Msinja South, Zomba Changalume, Nsanje North, Nsanje Central and Chikwawa East while the two wards are Riviridzi in Balaka West Constituency and Chitakale in Mulanje South Constituency.


MEC has now released the list of voting centres and their total number of registered voters.

In its calendar of events released on Wednesday indicates that on Friday, February 19 is the launch of the By-elections at national level through Radio and TV followed by awareness meetings with traditional and religious leaders (February 19-20); launch of the By-elections in the seven constituencies (February 19) and for the two wards (February 20).

February 20 is also for the briefing of DEST and CROs in the Councils of Karonga, Ntchisi, Lilongwe, Zomba, Chikwawa and Nsanje; briefing of DEST & WROs in the Councils of Balaka and Mulanje (February 21).


February 21 is for training of supervisors and BVRK operators in the 

constituencies and wards while public outreach — mobilization using loudhailers on update of voters’ register inspection is set for February 21–March 7.

February 22–March 7 is for registration, update and inspection of the voters’ register in Karonga North West, Ntchisi North, Lilongwe Msinja South and Zomba Changalume constituencies the two wards — Riviridzi and Chitakale.

The same period is for inspection of the voters’ register in Chikwawa East, Nsanje North and Nsanje Central constituencies.

Pre-examination of nomination papers will be done on March 7 in Karonga North West, Ntchisi North, Lilongwe Msinja South and Zomba Changalume constituencies and Riviridzi and Chitakale wards.

March 8 is for confirmation of candidature in the Chikwawa East, Nsanje North and Nsanje Central constituencies and presentation of nomination papers in Karonga North West, Ntchisi North, Lilongwe Msinja South and Zomba Changalume constituencies; and Riviridzi and Chitakale wards.

March 11 (from 12 noon to 4pm) is for vetting of ballot paper templates by party/candidates’ representatives.

Printing of ballot papers will be done between March 16-23 which shall arrive through Kamuzu International Airport on March 26.

March 19 is deadline for submission of names of party representatives; public outreach (mobilization on polling) shall continue from March19–30 while March 25 is for briefing of DEST, CRO and DECs on polling procedures and results management.

CROs, presiding officers, polling station operation officers shall be trained on March 26–27 while delivery of polling materials to constituencies shall be done on March 27 and 28 March as well as  deployment of staff to polling stations.

At 6.00am of March 28, marks the end of the campaign period while opening and pre-checking of polling materials, including ballot papers and training of clerks will be done from 9:00am on March, 29.

The polling day on March 30 shall begin from 06:00-18:00 hours followed by retrieval of materials from polling stations to results centre.

Polling materials shall be delivery to MEC Regional Warehouses on March 31 while determination and announcement of results by the Commission will be made in Lilongwe on April 1.

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