Koreia-Mpatsa distances himself away from daughter’s business dealings in the name of Mpatsa Trust

Jacqueline Koreia-Phakamea

By Duncan Mlanjira

One of the country’s business magnate, Jimmy Koreia Mpatsa has been forced to issue a public notice warning institutions and the general public from trusting his daughter, Jacqueline Koreia-Phakamea to offer her loans on surety that it would be settled by the father himself or the family Mpatsa Trust.

In the notice posted on social media Facebook, Koreia-Mpatsa said it was brought to his attention that Jacqueline “has been/is soliciting loans from the general public and some institutions using his name and that of Mpatsa Trust” but was now forced to issue the statement for the public to be wary of the daughter’s actions.


He said it’s a “total lie’ for her to use the Mpatsa name and went further to clarify that Jacqueline is a married woman who ceased to be the Mpatsa family’s ward in September, 2016.

The notice also said Jacqueline ceased to be an employee of Mpatsa Trust in March 2020.

“Mpatsa Trust and all its Affiliates and Assets will not be used to settle Jacqueline’s debts,” said the notice, that has gone viral on social media but Koreia-Mpatsa himself confirmed it was legitimate when contacted.

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The post attracted debate with some expressing open incredulity that Koreia Mpatsa could use that channel to discredit his own daughter.

Simplex Chithyola asked if he and the family couldn’t just “simply sort this matter as a family issue than simply posting like this, saying it might have long lasting negative implication on the daughter.

But others came to his defense with Jackson Mtimaukanena saying, knowing Koreia-Mpatsa the decision must have been taken “after all measures to tackle this issue have been exhausted and he’s protecting the unsuspecting individuals out here”.

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Which Peter Chisambiro concurred, suspecting that the daughter is doing things with impunity and the notice might be meant to protect her from being arrested if she continues to defraud people.

Tony Chaekha said: “Mr Mpatsa is a man of high integrity and has sense of humor and above all he is very humble. To reach this far, he has exhausted all avenues of peaceful conflict resolution and this is also another way of saving her from a huge humiliation ahead.”

Andrew Nkoloma said: “Sorry Sir. Your concern is well understood more as a parent, not as a business. It’s different if done by someone not your child.

“Only those with children and let alone lovely daughters would understand you. Sometimes parents need not spare a whip on spoilt children.”