Fire destroys medical supplies at Nkhotakota District Hospital’s pharmacy

By Stanley Nkhondoyachepa, MANA

Fire has destroyed a good number of medical supplies including some drugs that were saved but were rendered useless due to exposure to intense heat.

According to the hospital’s spokesperson, Garry Chilinga, the fire — whose cause has not been established — started at around 5am on Friday and when in-patient guardians saw smoke billowing from the facility, alerted medical staff and helped put off the fire using water fetched in buckets.

Some of the saved drugs

He said services were running as normal but expressed worry that some important drugs might not be available because of the destruction.

Medical staff at the health facility transferred some drugs to one of the isolation wards in the hospital.

Officials from the Ministry of Health are expected to visit the hospital to assess the damage, according to Chilinga.

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