Chikwawa senior citizens provided with COVID-19 prevention kits

By Lawrence Chilomo, MANA

Centre for the Alternatives for Victimised Women and Children (CAVWOC) has distributed COVID-19 prevention kits to 60 households headed by elderly people in Ngabu in Chikwawa District.

CAVWOC presented the items it received from one of its partners that included buckets and soap valued at K650,000, to the elderly on Monday at Mthandizi Community Based Organisation in the district.

Washing hands after using the toilet

One of the beneficiaries, Zamkinyu Seda from Malemia II Village commended CAVWOC for the gesture, saying the items would improve health conditions in his household in light of the pandemic.

“The buckets and soap we received today will help us practice frequent hand washing, unlike before because we couldn’t afford to buy them,” Seda said. 

“We will also observe the hand washing frequency as is required such as after visiting the toilet, after daily works, before and after eating.”

Coronavirus alert

Seda observed that his old age exposed him to some burdens and that he was unable to acquire required items to help him effectively fight COVID-19.

“It is my plea that such interventions should continue in order to see more people of this age group benefitting,” Seda said.

On her part, Etinele Baineti from Mphamba Village also thanked CAVWOC for reaching out to the elderly with COVID-19 control interventions.

Coronavirus alert

“I am very thankful as one of the beneficiaries and I can assure you that my life has been improved. 

“It is quite a burden for most of us to acquire a mere tablet of soap, let alone getting a bucket,” Baineti said.

Chikwawa CAVWOC district coordinator, Judith Pangani expressed gratitude to see the elderly taking an active role in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

She added that the organisation decided to provide the support to the elderly in Ngabu because the place falls within their impact area where CAVWOC is also implementing a youth-led project.

Coronavirus alert

“We are already working with young people here in promoting sexual reproductive health. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, one of our partners in Netherlands mobilised financial resources which we have used to buy these items.

“We hope that at this time when we are fighting COVID-19, the items will enhance sanitation and hygiene in their households,” Pangani said.