Upcoming young artist Quest set to release debut album on his father’s birthday

By Duncan Mlanjira

Twenty-year-old Penjani Malata, who trends by the music showbizz name of Quest, is set to release his debut 12-track album named New Age on his father Archangel Malata’s birthday on August 31.

Quest, who started singing when he was in school way back in 2013, says this is a tribute to his father for his encouragement that saw him join the mainstream music industry through a hit single he released — Mzanga.

Up and coming young artist

“After my first single, I’ve been releasing lot of singles that have made it into an album and feature some other artist,” he said.

Amongst the songs on the album, whose genre he coined as New Age Hiphop, are Ndimtenge; Malawi; Corner featuring artist Toast; Suntha; Sendera; Bands ft Brainlock Fam; Tsutsa ft Valine and Room ft Rekin Boy 101.

On the track ‘Malawi’, whose female backing vocals are from Luthando, he mentions various districts of the country and he says he was just happy to play around with these names to show his pride of his land of birth.

Since he broke the ranks, Quest has been invited on tours sharing the stage with great artist such as Phyzix and Gwamba.

Coronavirus alert

“Right now I am looking forward to join a band but for now I am still solo.”

He added that due to the COVID-19 pandemic that restricts mass gatherings as preventive measure against the spread of the virus, he will  release the album online and also sell it using the same platform.

“I was inspired into music by a friend of mine who used to call me ‘Mzanga’ (friend) and this my first single was in tribute to my good friend.”

Coronavirus alert

The album has been completed due to the stay home campaign due to COVID-19 and he utilized the inactivity to concentrate on his budding music career.

“Of course, after the COVID-19 I intend to continue with my academic pursuits because I have just completed my MSCE exams and looking forward to go to going to college.”

Coronavirus alert

His words of encouragement to fellow youths is to take COVID-19 serious by observing all preventive measures set by the Government in order to curtail its spread.

“I also encouraging upcoming musicians to work hard and have an excellent strategy and focus, saying music is financially rewarding.”

Coronavirus alert

His fans are encouraged to follow him on Facebook, @QUEST INSTAGRAM @QUEST_Gram and on Twitter @Quest 265.