People condemn habits of newly-married couples over sitting on car windows


By Duncan Mlanjira

People are asking the authorities to ban the habit of new-married couples over sitting on open car windows which is in motion in order to expose their happiness to the general public they pass by along the streets.

A concerned citizen, Saulosi Kachitsa posted on Facebook on Saturday morning that he had just witnessed a newly married bride, in her elegant wedding dress, falling off from a moving BMW door window near Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe.

“Someone must ban this trend where the bride and groom sit on the car windows, which is in motion and hold each other’s hands on the roof of the car. It’s not safe,” Kachitsa said.

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He, however, wasn’t sure if the bride was injured or not but was relieved this happened just close to the hospital.

“I just passed by driving. But she looked OK because she picked herself up. The car was moving slowly but can’t rule out some impact.

”Even though the car was moving slowly, this is still dangerous and prone to such accidents. This must be stopped.”

Sharon Singini responded: “I don’t understand why people do that. It’s not safe, not at all. It’s better to hire a convertible.”

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Fashioni Faiti was also incredulous as to why people risk their lives this way while Imran Nedi said newly-married couples started this trend without realizing the consequences.

“It surprises me that it still happens in the 21st century. In fact, this in simple understanding should be a road traffic offence,” Faiti said.

Gloria Livata also strongly recommended use a convertible, which are readily available for hire for this purpose.

Bamidele Fernando said: “Even though this is really sad, I can’t help it but laugh.”

Others also condemned the habit of some marriage convoys of zig zagging across the road, which affect oncoming traffic.

People have constantly asked the traffic police to issue a statement condemning these dangerous habits and advising the public how they can carry themselves on such convoys or risk being charged as a traffic offence.

Former Inspector General of the Police, Lot Dzonzi, speaking on his own behalf, said: “Society has glorified this behaviour about weddings. A car’s door was never created as a seat.

“It’s use as a seat is therefore both a misuse and abuse. We love mediocrity as a people to our very detriment.”