Malawian UK Nurses Association to hold webinar entitled Lessons Learnt & the Recovery Trial on COVID-19 Thursday

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* Webinar will be live from 17:00 to 18:30hrs Malawian time (15:00-1630 GMT)

* On the link:

* Guest speaker is a consultant physician in respiratory and general medicine

* On January 22, MUNA held a webinar aimed at demystifying wrong apprehensions of COVID-19 vaccine

* The speakers were Malawian physicians — Dr. Maggie Nyirenda-Nyang’wa and Dr. Mas Chaponda

* Both specialists in immunology and infectious diseases

By Duncan Mlanjira

Malawian UK Nurses Association (MUNA), an embodiment of like-minded Malawian physicians based in the UK, will hold yet another COVID-19 online conference (webinar) on Thursday February 18 — this time tackling ‘Lessons Learnt & the Recovery Trial’ from the pandemic.

The guest speaker is Dr. Burhan Khan — a consultant physician in respiratory and general medicine.

Dr. Khan

Khan is also Chief Clinical (medical) Information Officer at Darent Hospital in UK and honorary clinical senior lecturer at GKT School of Medical Education, King’s College London and visiting senior lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University.

He is also Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators and RCP College tutor at Darent Hospital.

On January 22, MUNA held a webinar that aimed at demystifying wrong apprehensions of COVID-19 vaccine and the speakers were Malawian physicians — Dr. Maggie Nyirenda-Nyang’wa and Dr. Mas Chaponda — both specialists in immunology and infectious diseases, who are based and practising their profession in the UK.

Dr. Kumwenda-Nyang’wa held the vaccine
webinar in January

It was organised after taking cognizance that there is a general hesitancy on COVID-19 vaccine and provided credible culturally sensitive information with regards to COVID-19 vaccine.

Meanwhile, following President Lazarus Chakwera announcement that the 100,000 additional AstraZeneca vaccines that the country has secured through the African Union solely for the healthcare workers, MUNA has pledged to offer it’s support.

“We are willing to work hand in hand with the government of Malawi, other public bodies, private institutions, non-governmental organizations and like-minded individuals in ensuring no more lives are lost to this illness,” MUNA says in a statement.


“As healthcare providers working towards a global vaccination rollout, as well as additional treatments for patients, MUNA stands ready to do it’s part in containing and preventing the spread of COVID-19.”

The association applauded President Chakwera and the entire health authorities for the ongoing efforts to fight the pandemic.   

“MUNA stands in solidarity with all Malawians in the fight against COVID-19, which has deeply affected Malawi and the wider world.  COVID-19 does not discriminate and has affected all levels of society in Malawi and across the world.

“The Board of Trustees and Executive team of MUNA acknowledges the loss of key members within government, healthcare workers and families to this terrible disease. MUNA would like to express our condolences to all affected.”

Coronavirus alert

MUNA further reiterates public health preventative guidelines such as: washing our hands with soap and water or hand sanitisers; wearing a mask; avoiding large gatherings; isolating when presenting with COVID-19 symptoms of a fever, a new onset cough and difficulty in breathing; and seeking medical care early.

“We are reminded of the old saying that prevention is better than cure,” they said.

MUNA was formed in June, 2020 and registered as charitable company in September 2020 as a non-profiting organisation to promote its members’ welfare by enhancing their living and working standards and act as a catalyst to achieve excellence in Nursing Education and development in the UK and Malawi.

It also contributes to a globally competitive workforce in liaison with local and international partners. Other activities it is involved in include working with other stakeholders (NGOs/agencies/individuals) in carrying out research, or health needs assessments that can inform policy, practice and allocation of resources.

It networks with other nursing associations in diaspora and around the globe; participates in research and development and supports training for MUNA members in the UK.

It also supports training for nurses in Malawi as well as participate in investigations in health care issues.

MUNA can be followed on Twitter – @MalawiUKNurse; and for more information, the contact is

To support COVID-19 efforts, the public is encouraged to donate to: Malawian-UK Nurses Association for Advancement, Account no: 64957799, Sort Code: 608371.