Lilongwe City Council CEO sends stern warning to officers against preparing building plans for clients


By Duncan Mlanjira 

Lilongwe City Council’s Chief Executive Officer, John Chome has sternly warned his officers against preparing building plans for clients and influencing decisions for the approval.

Landmark building in Lilongwe

In an internal memo which Maravi Express has seen, Chome says his investigation has shown that most of the culprits are officers in the Planning Department.

“It is unethical and unprofessional to prepare and submit plans that you or your own committee(s) will be involved in their approval. It is called conflict of interest even if you refuse yourself.

“Let it be known, therefore, that starting today, 14the November, 2019, Lilongwe City Council Officers are NOT allowed to prepare building plans for clients other than the Council itself for approval by the Lilongwe Town Planning Committee.

“Any officer found doing this will face disciplinary action. Additionally any officer of the Council, who knowingly receives and registers building plans prepared by a Lilongwe City Council official on behalf of clients other than the Council itself will also be liable to disciplinary action.

“I appeal to all concerned to be part of efforts to build credible planning system at Lilongwe City Council as we are in the process of building credible planning system.

“We need to restore public trust in the system. There is a lot of work we need to do to start moving towards this and one of the things we need to do and which I will seek to ensure that it is done.”

Chome appeals to officers to conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner in all their dealings.