Kazako challenge MPC to start making profits

By Brenda Nkosi, MANA

Newly-appointed Minister of Information, Gospel Kazako has challenged Malawi Posts Corporation (MPC) top management to stop seeking sympathy and start making profits or else step-down.

Kazako, on a familiarization tour of MPC headquarters in Blantyre on Thursday, said it was not making sense that the company’s top management were driving posh cars, living in expensive houses and has executive offices when they were making losses.

Being appraised of MPC operations

“We need to make sense of what employees are getting against what the company makes,” he said. “We need managers that should bring results or else they should leave.

“We don’t need to hear sad stories that they are making losses year in and year out.

He said chief executive officers (CEOs) of government institutions should perform and not just draw salaries and benefits for nothing.

“Statutory corporations should be making money. It’s not just a matter of being called a CEO or postmaster general — it’s about performance and that’s what the new government will expect from now onwards.

The Minister said MPC has huge potential in courier, financial services, e-commerce and express mail that government was ready to support.

Acting Postmaster General
Zachaeus Meke

Acting Postmaster General, Zachaeus Meke said MPC has already restrategised to move from the way they have been operating so that they were able to make profits.

“We are just waiting for government’s approval on our new strategy but as a company, we are ready to change,” he said.

MPC has 180 post offices across the country out of which over 150 make losses due to their rural placement.

MPC, formally known as Post Office, is a commercial entity mandated to provide postal and financial service and has 900 employees across the country.