Internal auditors are the conscience of any organisation—Chilima

By Kondwani Magombo, MANA

State Vice-President, Saulos Chilima Friday called upon companies and organizations to recognize internal auditors as a very crucial and not just as box tickers, or mere checkers, saying the conscience of an organisation.

Chilima addressing the delegates

He made the call when he officially opened the 20th Annual Conference for the Institute of Internal Auditors at Sun ‘n’ Sand in Mangochi adding that many organizations in the country are yet to embrace the idea of having internal audit function, a perception he said ought to change.

“The internal auditor is the conscience of an organisation yet in many firms they are not given the same importance as chief finance officer and other executives.

“I dare organizations and companies that are stuck in this mind-set to reflect and start giving prominence to the head of internal audit as well for the benefit of their organizations.”

Chilima interacting with Siku’s MD

Chilima challenged the Institute to show that internal audit plays distinct roles and that it is deployed as a game changer in an organisation.

He dared the internal auditors to grow and migrate from the backroom position into roles that are part of business leaders, and to also help in auditing performances of government ministries, departments and agencies amid the public sector reforms that are being implemented.

He advised the Institute to encourage its members to be more professional, and to get themselves properly certified and to be proud to be internal auditors.

Chilima urged the internal auditors to “pursue the path of legislation to enhance the rules that govern the responsibilities of risk management and demand a greater transparency and accountability of senior management and Board of Directors.”

Some of the delegates

The Institute’s president, Ackson Banda said the importance of internal auditors in companies and organisations cannot be overemphasized and he urged all participants to take the conference as an opportunity to engage with one another and elevate the profession higher.

“With the much applauded reforms in public sector, there cannot be a better time to interact with one of the key architects of such remarkable developments and transformation in our country,” he said.

“We are honoured to be guided by someone with admirable experience in both private and public sectors on matters of governance, risk management and control.”

The conference, was being held under the theme ‘Insightful Internal Auditing: Pushing Traditional Boundaries’ and drew internal auditors from government ministries, departments and agencies and the private sector.

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