FAM to champion introduction of minimum wage for all Super League, Regional Leagues players


By Duncan Mlanjira

Aspirant for another term of office as Football Association of Malawi (FAM) president ahead of the elective general assembly scheduled for Mangochi on December 14, Walter Nyamilandu Manda, says he shall champion the introduction of minimum wage for all football players in the Super League of Malawi as well as in the Regional Leagues.

This is part of the manifesto under the theme ‘Raise The Bar’ which he unveiled on Thursday evening Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre.

“Football players have very little voice to the game of football in terms of the minimum wage that they get despite them being the focal stakeholder in the game of football.

“We have high performing athletes that are highly motivated, committed and professionally driven by the hunger for success and a secured future.

Top shots of FIFPRO

“We shall transition the Football Players Association (FPA) into an independent and to be accredited with FIFA Professional Footballaers body FIFPRO.

“The FPA is an independent body that has been established in the football ecosystem in Malawi to allow for independent management and oversight of player welfare both socially and economically. 

“The FPA is established to mirror the internally accepted model of player oversight that is under an organization called FIFPRO.

“Time has come for the FPA to become wholly independent to ensure that it helps FAM to create and enforce a fair operation environment for our players as they pursue their football career.

“FAM will render the necessary support to FPA as it becomes independently operational.”

He also said he shall champion the insurance for all players on national team duties and together with the Super League, he shall ensure that all players have a medical cover embedded in their contracts under club licensing.

“We will be a modern and efficient organization that is ready to ‘Listen and Learn’ to grow the game to the next level and administer it with high integrity based on sound corporate governance principles and ultimately foster good working relationships with all key stakeholders and serve their interest as typical servants and not as masters.

The Flames

“In a bid to enhance the effect work coordination and excellence at the FAM Secretariat, there will be a need for interventions to underscore the current organization model in line with current trends and best practices.

“In line to the established statutes, a functional review shall be done to facilitate the development of a robust business model that effectively relates to the current operating environment.

FAM Secretariat at Chiwembe

“Performance Management system shall be implemented to hold all members of staff accountable on executing their set deliverables for the interest of all the affiliates and partners.”

He also said he shall review and redevelop an Effective Code of Conduct for the FAM Secretariat to govern the confidentiality and expected behaviors of all FAM Secretariat, Sub-Committee Members and Committee Members.

“We shall recruit a procurement manager to coordinate all procurement efforts for the Secretariat, in liaison with an internal procurement committee (IPC).”

Football nursery

He also says he shall establish the ‘Flames Trust’ to act as a consistent and sustainable source of funding towards the many activities of the national teams in Malawi to ensure that there are no gaps in the operation and deployment of the necessary support to national teams. 

“The Flames Trust shall be managed by a multi sectoral team that shall ensure that there is transparency and accountability in the management of the fund.

“The current funding of the Flames is inconsistent with the current needs and requirements for a senior national team to compete effectively on the international stage. 

“The needs and cost implications of the national teams have risen, and this is consistent with other teams from regional as well as the Africa stage. 

“Currently, the Flames get funding from the Malawi Government through the Malawi National Council of Sports but we would like to champion a change in the Flames funding strategy to allow for direct funding from the Parliament vote allocation which shall ensure that activities and programs of the national team are undertaken without interruptions.

“In all continental showpieces that the Flames shall qualify, we dedicate to share the appearance fee at 50% between the FA and the players;in order to improve upwards the Flames’ incentives and other benefits.

“It is time for the Flames players to get recognized for sacrificing a lot to take the profile of the country on the international stage.”

He said FAM shall introduce pension for national team players that have a minimum of 10 international caps.