Clinton Health Access Initiative supporting cervical cancer death prevention program

By Alice Mambosasa, MANA

Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), together with Ministry of Health, has embarked on strengthening system tools for cancer control to support widespread screening and treatment of precancerous lesions.

The two- year program, that aims at preventing deaths due to cervical cancer, will support national scale up of thermal ablation for treatment through procurement of devices and training provision.


Speaking on Tuesday during district executive committee meeting in Blantyre, CHAI’s program associate, Chifundo Makwakwa said the program targets to reach all stages of cancer prevention — primary prevention like sexuality education and condom promotion; secondary prevention like Human Papilloma virus (HPV) screening and onsite treatment for eligible lesions.

It also aims tertiary prevention such as that of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

“We understand that women are being screened and treated in health facilities but this program has come to improve quality through clinical mentorship, regular supportive supervision and ensuring the availability of test kits and supplies,” Makwakwa said.

Blantyre District’s principal nutrition officer, Pearson Mphangwe commended CHAI for considering Blantyre to be part of the program, saying cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women.

“We are sure that with this program, cancer deaths will be reduced due to timely treatment,” he said.

The program targets Mangochi and Mulanje district hospitals, Mitundu and Ndirande health centres in Lilongwe and Blantyre respectively and Mzuzu Central Hospital.

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