Unemployed medical personnel plan demonstration on Nov. 29

By Duncan Mlanjira

Unemployed doctors, nurse-midwives, clinicians concerned citizens across Malawi are planning to go on a demonstration march on  November 29  to deliver a petition through City and District councils.

A statement issued on November 23 by the group led by Health Rights Activist, Donald Kanjere Zgambo and Donex Tchaka Mumba, National Representative for concerned unemployed health professionals, demonstrations will be followed by a week of picketing of staff against working in public hospitals.

Nurses told to wear full uniform

They also plan to initiate vigils at state residents (Mzuzu State Lodge, Kamuzu Palace and Sanjika Palace at 100 meters away from December 2 to 9.

“The protests are against exploitation and abuse of dully qualified and licensed health professionals to extensively work and cover shortage in public hospitals under cheap forms of labour called; Locum, Upkeeps and Internships, which in turn negatively affects quality delivery of health care services to the general public,” says the statement.

The dressing code will full uniforms for nurses and midwives, white coats and stethoscope for doctors and clinicians and black and white for concerned citizens.

Previous demos

The route they will take in Mzuzu is from Mzuzu Central Hospital via Chibanja up Shoprite roundabout, past the High Court roundabout up to the Civic Offices to deliver the petition.

Lilongwe route will be from Kamuzu Central Hospital via Kamuzu Central Round about through to Lingazi roundabout via Parliament then through to Civic Offices.

Blantyre starts at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital via Masauko Chipembere Highway all the way to the Civic Offices.

The districts, it will start from the District Hospital and head to the District Council offices, all starting at 7:30am.

“We healthily value life and peace at all times while upholding the human and health rights as provided for in the Republican Constitution, subsidiary Legislations, and international instruments that Malawi is a party,” said the statement.