President Mutharika praises University of Malawi for still standing in the test of time


By Duncan Mlanjira

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika has said the University of Malawi done its best since establishment in 1965.

Mutharika, who is the University of Malawi’s Chancellor, said this at the graduation congregation in Zimbabwe on Friday where he also said the ceremony is a moment of self-examination to define the tertiary education institution’s growth. 

The Vice Chancellor leading procession into
the Great Hall

He said it was decided that each UNIMA college should become a university because the goal is to create more space and cultivate a culture of competitiveness among colleges.

“Every University must find its identity and place in the world. It is not automatic that you become a University. Earn your status. 

“I have faith in the academics to deliver on the mission to create the best universities in Africa.

“There are instances the University lost its mission to support the Government to solve Malawi’s problems but there has been a positive change.

“There is growth; programs are finishing on time; there is decline in class boycott. Instead of confrontation, we are now discussing our differences and listening to one another. 

“You have refused to be used by politicians to disrupt classes for their sake. Students have refused to be enticed by opposition politicians I nto their campaign of violence.

“The University should never allow evil to succeed by being silent over what is right [because] ‘In the face of evil, silence is complicity’. Let us stay on the path of peace.”

To the graduants, the Chancellor said they should be thankful to those that have contributed to their achievement — the university staff, parents and guardians and Malawians whose taxes funded the education. 

“They made sacrifices for your achievement. Go out and show your gratitude by doing good to others for the good they have done to you.

“You have great reponsibility to the country. Go out and show patriotism, integrity and hardwork in serving your country.

“Your graduation is not the end of your dreams — nor the end of challenges. March forth with more decisive determination. Humans were created to succeed. 

“Earning a degree is not all that you need. It is what you do with your degree that matters most. 

“Be humble. That you have been in the university does not mean you know everything. The purpose of the University is that we should ‘learn how to know, and know how to learn’.