Nigerian Amos Bello keen on return to Wanderers

By Arkangel Tembo, MANA

Nigerian striker, Amos Bello has said he would like to return to his former club, Mighty Be Forward Wanderers after undergoing a successful knee operation which he sustained in 2017 at Bingu National Stadium.

The injury kept Bello almost four years without playing football until he travelled back to his country for further help.

Bello, Wanderers always at his heart

Bello, who is currently a free agent and based in his home country, told the Malawi News Agency on Monday that reunification with his former club is on his mind.

“I would like to return to Wanderers,” the towering striker said. “I don’t know when or how or what, but playing at Wanderers obviously I like it. 

“I have great memories for Wanderers. Wanderers is a lovely family and it was great memory and it surely remains one of the best part of my life and am looking forward to a day when I will be part of this great club again.

He could be set to rejoin compatriot Babatunde

Belo said there was a lot of talk about him when he was in Malawi. 

“I was also injured for a while so it wasn’t a good moment for me. My contract expired while l was still in love with the Nomads but it was difficult to negotiate for another contract while l was injured,” he said.

He said he couldn’t see himself joining another club as such he ended up going back to Nigeria to seek medical help on his injured knee, saying he can now proudly say that he is back to his fitness.

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Bello said he would be happy to reunite with his countryman, Babatunde Adepoju, who is also at Wanderers.

“It will be nice to reunite with my compatriot, Babatunde who is already at Wanderers. Looking forward to discussing with the Nomads officials because it is my desire to play for the club again,” Bello said.

Be Forward Wanderers general secretary, Victor Maunde said they have no problem welcoming back Bello, but was quick to stress that his return can only be subjected to two conditions.

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“He is always welcome to Lali Lubani Road because we still regard him as our son, but on two conditions which are assessment by the coaches and how he could fit into our budget. 

“He is a brilliant player and we enjoyed his stay at Wanderers,” said Maunde.

Currently, the Nomads have two players from abroad namely, Eric Atsigah from Ghana and Babatunde Adepoju from Nigeria.