Ministry of Health rapid response team swiftly rules out Ebola scare in Karonga

By Duncan Mlanjira

A rapid response team from the Ministry of Health has swiftly ruled out a suspected case of Ebola in Karonga on Sunday when a 37-year-old Malawian male presented himself with haemorrhagic symptoms similar to Ebola at Kaporo Rural Hospital.

The rapid response team travelled to the health centre and conducted investigations that came up with the result Ebola negative.

The report says the case is not in line with Ebola case definition and the conclusion being that it is a case of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation secondary to Sepsis.

Patient has since been transferred to Karonga District Hospital for further management.

Details of the patient are that he is a builder from Kilupula in Karonga

He reported on Sunday with symptoms of fever (37.8 degrees), haemorrhage (bleeding) from nose, mouth, eyes.

Initial treatment was IV fluids and ntibiotics. He has no travel history to any area with active transmission of Ebola.

The report also says Karonga has not reported of any similar cases.

His relations and those he had contacts with have been identified and put on observation.

Initially, the patient was isolated and treated at Kaporo Rural Hospital but now he is isolated and being treated at Karonga District Hospital.

The report also said the areas the patient was treated has been disinfected and all precautionary protocols were adhered to.