Meaningful freedom should allow for shared resources — Chakwera

By Trouble Ziba, MANA

Malawi’s newly elected President, Reverend Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has described the country’s freedom from colonialism and one party system as of no use if the citizens still languish in poverty, tribalism, corruption and other vices.

Chakwera was delivering an acceptance speech on Sunday at the Malawi Square in Lilongwe after taking Oath of Office administered by Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda as the country’s sixth Head of State.

Malawi’s 6th Head of State

He said Malawi’s struggle for independence and multiparty democracy was not just to set the people free but also accord them shared prosperity.

“When the founders of Malawi emerged from the womb of the great struggle that birthed our independence in 1964, the dream was not merely for us to be freed from oppression,” he said.

Chilima taking Oath of Office

“And when their children marched against the one-party state to birth Democracy in 1993, the dream was not merely for us to be freed from tyranny.

“For what use is freedom from oppression if you are a slave to starvation? Of what use is freedom from colonialism if you are a slave to tribalism?

“Of what use is freedom from tyranny if you are a slave of poverty?”

The crowd that attended

To Malawians who did not vote for him in the just ended court-mandated fresh presidential election, Chakwera advised them not to be afraid, saying his victory was for all Malawians and that everyone would share the fruits by virtue of being Malawian.

He said he was aware that by standing on the platform making promises to Malawians, he was also doing the same to God and therefore, him and the Vice-President, Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima would strive to serve the country with all their might.

“Dr. Chilima and I accept the challenge and task. We will pursue it, not just as servants accountable to you voters, but as stewards of the hope of millions of children, born and unborn, who have no vote,” he said.

The President further pledged to run Malawi well, saying that was the surest path to Tsogolo Labwino (bright future) which has long been in ruins and riddled with the potholes of greed and corruption.

Former MCP president John Tembo attended
the function

Chakwera becomes Malawi’s sixth President following nullification of the May 21, 2019 presidential election by the Constitutional Court on February 3 this year, due to what it described as mass irregularities.

The court further ruled that there be a fresh presidential election within 150 days from the day it made the ruling.

After Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and outgoing President Arthur Peter Mutharika appealed the case to Supreme Court, the higher court upheld the decision by the lower court.

Former First Lady Callista Mutharika was also in

The fresh election saw Chakwera defeating President Arthur Peter Mutharika with a margin of 852,666 votes.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP), UTM Party and other seven political parties joined forces to form Tonse Alliance in the run up to the court-sanctioned fresh presidential election.

The strategy has emphatically worked to the advantage of the political parties involved in the alliance.

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Only three candidates featured in the election namely, Chakwera Mutharika and Peter Kuwani of Mbakuwaku Movement for Development (MMD).

Chakwera won over 2.6 million votes, representing 58.57 percent of the valid votes cast against 1, 751,377 for second placed Mutharika.

Notable dignitaries at the swearing in ceremony included former MCP president John Tembo, former Official Hostess Mama Cecilia Kadzamira, former State President Joyce Banda and retired Chief Justice Richard Banda as well as former Vice-President Khumbo Kachale.