Malawi Airlines announces resumption of full operation after Govt. recapitalizes the national flag carrier

Maravi Express

Malawi Airlines Ltd has assured its customers, stakeholders and the general traveling public of the resumption of full network operation effective mid-June.


A statement from Board chairperson, George Partridge made on Thirsday, says this follows an agreement that was reached by Malawi Government and Ethiopian Airlines to recapitalize the national flag carrier.

This, Patridge says, is “after the Board of Directors had earlier declared the company technically insolvent”.

“The insolvency was mainly occasioned by the seven-months period the airline had no revenue when it was not in operation due to local and international lockdowns as a result of the CoVID-19 pandemic while it was still honouring significant fixed cost obligations.

“The Board of Directors applaud the shareholders for their wise and timely decision to bail out the national airline, effectively allowing the company to resume flights to destinations such as Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Lusaka and Harare, effective mid-June 2021.”

Patridge said a detailed flight schedule can be accessed on their website

Malawi Airlines Limited is Malawi’s national carrier with shareholding by Malawi Government and Ethiopian Airlines. 

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