JIBS Security partners Senior Golfers Society to honour Prof. Francis Moto’s 70th birthday through golf tourney at Gymkhana

* Prof. Moto wished that his birthday at 70 years be celebrated through a golf tournament

* And as Senior Golfers Society, we encourage such celebrations — hence the reason for this special tournament

By Duncan Mlanjira

Retired University of Malawi senior lecturer, Prof. Francis Moto turns 70 and to celebrate his remarkable birthday with honour, Senior Golfers Society of Malawi has organised a special tournament at Gymkhana Club in Zomba on Saturday — sponsored by Jibs Security.


Prof. Moto, who also worked for Pentecostal Life University and retired as well, is also an accomplished writer and a former diplomat who represented Malawi as High Commissioner to the UK from 2005-10, and later served as the first Ambassador of Malawi in Brazil from 2011-15.

Senior Golfers chairman & captain, Nyakhoko Nsona said the Society is honouring “Prof. Moto’s wish that his birthday at 70 years be celebrated through a golf tournament and as Senior Golfers Society, we encourage such celebrations — hence the reason for this special tournament”.

The shotgun start tournament at 08:30hrs will be played in a stableford format for both men and ladies and Nsona said the Senior Golfers are “very thankful to JIBS Security for their big sponsorship that also acts as the full re-opening of the Zomba golf course after a long time of inactivity as the course has now been rehabilitated to very high standards”.

“JIBS Security is one of the leading security companies in Malawi and their partnership with Senior Golfers is of great importance to them as some members are their customers and they need to be supported by the corporate world and individuals as they give back to the society through this noble sponsorship,” he said.

On his part, JIBS Security Marketing Manager, George Kambuwa — himself a golfer — said the versatile and innovative security service provider has invested into golf in many activities including sponsoring women’s tournaments and Presidential Charity Golf initiatives.

“Golfers are part of our clients and we strive to reach out to the senior golfers as they form part of the decision making since we have vast clientele in the private and public sector as well as NGOs.

“We are a wholly Malawian owned security service provider and we’ve been doing business for the past 10 years offering services such as cash-in-transit; canines; alarms; rapid response; commissionaires as well as security for events — be it VVIP or weddings.

“As a company with large footprint across Malawi, we decided to join the Senior Golfers in celebrating Prof. Moto’s 70th birthday in style, which also honours his distinguished career as an academic, a writer and a diplomat.

“We are proud to associate ourselves with the Seniors Golfers Society and Prof. Moto’s 70th birthday — a special gift from the seniors for one of their own,” Kambuwa said.


The Senior Golfers Society was established in May 1989 with Nsona’s deputy being Justin Mkandawire; Laurie Arthur as honorary secretary; Issa Mmadi as honorary treasurer; Jones Katangwe as marketing & competitions chairman while Don Whayo is chair of the disciplinary committee.

Nsona said it was originally only for men but lady senior golfers were incorporated two years ago and they are now 10 of them with the entire Society consisting of about 80 active members — of which 9 are Life Members.

Asked where they get they sponsorship from to run affairs of the Society, Nsona said such financial support “is currently problematic as most organisations are going through difficult economic and business times”.

“Some sponsors also do not want to assist senior golf as they look at them as retirees that may not be in a position to make direct business decisions to promote their businesses.

“Sponsors mostly look at direct benefits to themselves or organisations from current decision makers when making decisions to sponsor golf. However, the Senior Golfers have contributed quite a lot in developing golf in the country when they were actively working through membership in clubs, playing golf regularly and managing golf.

“They have also ensured that their organisations sponsored golf when they were actively working and making decisions. Golf also promotes exercises through the walking which is encouraged for their health and improved living standard and habits.”

He added that the Society assists clubs as donations to their golf sections to maintain golf courses or equipment when they have some extra cash and also assist in deserving charities wherever possible.

“The Society is a national association and we play at all clubs in the country, especially Lilongwe, Blantyre, Nchalo, Zomba, Mulanje and Thyolo,” he said. “Normal competitions do also have a category for Seniors amongst their prizes in order to encourage them to compete amongst each other.

“Currently, Senior Golfers from Malawi have been invited to go and play a tournament in Lusaka, Zambia from September 18-21. This is the first time this is happening — indicating that Senior Golf is going into another level.

“Thus, the Senior Golfers Society is appealing to sponsors to assist financially a team of 13 golfers in travel, accommodation and all competition fees for this tournament.”


Its objectives are:

* To promote the game of golf and to encourage social intercourse among the members of the Society who shall not be less than 55 year of age and not less than 50 years of age for lady members;

* To become affiliated to, establish, promote or assist in becoming affiliated to, establishing or promoting and to subscribe to or become a member of any other society, Association or club whose objects are similar or in part similar to the objects of this Society or the affiliation, establishment or promotion of which may be beneficial to the Society;

* To promote or arrange with any other Association, clubs or persons, meetings, competitions and matches for the playing of golf and to offer, give and contribute towards prizes, medals and awards therefor, to promote, give or support entertainment in respect thereof;

* To invest and deal with the monies of the Society not immediately required in such a manner as the committee may from time to time determine;

* To borrow or raise funds in such a manner as the committee deems necessary for the furtherance of the objects of the Society with particular reference to subsidizing and financing matches between this Society and any other association, club or person whether within Malawi or elsewhere; and

* To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.