Globe Internet rolls out ‘NetYathu Kawawa’ internet bundles

* The campaign is a special premier of three new data deals for day to day internet users

* The packages, Kawawa 200, Kawawa 300 and Kawawa Unlimited each offer unique data volumes at competitive pricing

* Tailored to suit variety of consumer spending patterns and internet needs

* In this time and age, internet is no longer a luxury but a need—Chief Commercial Officer, Elias Imaan

By Duncan Mlanjira

Leading integrated ICT solutions provider, Globe Internet Limited has launched additional packages to their prepaid internet products dubbed ‘NetYathu Kawawa Bundles’, that targets both residential and non-residential internet customers across the four main cities of the country — Blantyre, Lilongwe, Zomba and Mzuzu.


Making the announcement on Wednesday, April 27, Chief Commercial Officer, Elias Imaan, said the campaign is a special premier of three new data deals for day to day internet users.

“The packages; namely Kawawa 200, Kawawa 300 and Kawawa Unlimited each offer unique data volumes at competitive pricing, tailored to suit variety of consumer spending patterns and internet needs.

“In this time and age, internet is no longer a luxury but a need. For a long time now, we continue offering variety of internet deals with value for money packages and lately, we have seen growing calls for better speeds and higher usage.

“Kawawa Bundles is our response and we believe our customers will attest to a far better browsing experience,” he said.  

Elias Imaan

The Kawawa Unlimited deal offers unlimited fibre internet access for a monthly charge of MK50,000 and on top of it, customers also get a daily once off 3GB bonus at a fixed speed of 5Mbps.

“The Kawawa 200 package is available to both fibre and 4G customers,” Imaan continued. “It offers a volume total of 200GB per month for a monthly charge of MK37,500. The Kawawa 300 package offers 300GB of data for a monthly charge of MK57, 500.

“One good thing about Kawawa Bundles is that customers can use them anytime of the day — day or night. Further with improved capacity on our network, all our NetYathu Prepaid Internet offerings now have internet speed capacity of up to 10Mbps.

“These deals complement our current wide choice of packages for our customers. In the past, everyone rushed to their office for nearly everything that required internet.

“This included items such as education, email access, news, social media and variety of downloads. With Kawawa Bundles, we have an answer responding to modern day lifestyle as we want to enable our customers to be flexible as we create home offices and indeed fun-filled residences using the internet,” concluded Imaan.

Apart from visiting Globe Internet offices, customers can enquire more about Kawawa Bundles by contacting: 0996 841 044 or email to:


Just a fortnight ago (April 13) Globe Internet also launched a new product, Yankho Online; a web-based platform for processing business information — which is an intelligent and flexible technology that allows it customise specific information processing requirements for various institutions.  

The product:

• Simplifies the management of information across all industries;

• Manages job applications and shortlisting processes for companies’ recruitment exercises;

• Registers memberships for associations, updates and general management;

• Registers, enrolls, bills and integrates all student information issues and reconciliations for the education sector; and

• In procurement, the solution helps with management, processing and filtering tenders, bids, expressions of interest and similar requirements for institutions.


Its additional benefits includes simplicity and yet a versatile application for all information processing needs and is a user friendly — that is customised for different organisations.

The app was increases flexibility and scalability; can be integrated with other systems such as billing for revenue optimisation; has high level security features for data protection and is accessible across devices for users.

Imaan had said the product can do more that includes account application; vetting; selection and registration processes — processes common for banking, insurance, regulatory bodies and member based organisations.

He added that the system also collects and stores data which researchers and organisations will find most helpful for retrieval as the product’s functions could apply to as numerous other industries as possible.

“Our idea in this Yankho Online innovation is to simplify life for greater value through the elimination of all cumbersome processes and red tape — which individuals and organisations experience every now and then in trying to process data for know your customer (KYC); onboarding customers; vetting; procurement and so much more which our robust product Yankho Online can ably handle.

“As such, we hope that once adopted, our clients will have a more efficient way of doing business and ticking off hectic tasks in the quickest possible turnaround times.


“We believe this is something individuals and organisations both in government and private sector may have been looking for and we are more than ready to conduct product demos and exhibit this innovation to any stakeholder ready to go ahead of time with us,” he said.

The system is connected with SMTP server, SMS gateway for the notifications media. Payment systems integrated as direct and hosted payment gateways, Mobile Money payment integrated with USSD direct payment request from client.

All the customers need is internet access through which clients can apply for jobs, submit a student application and make payment online at the comfort of their homes, offices or indeed anywhere in the world using any internet enabled device — and that no paperwork is required.

The system’s high level data protection security runs on Unix Apache webserver with software/hardware firewalls.

Globe Internet Ltd (GIL) is a recognized leader in providing state of the art Internet connectivity solutions and networking services with a wide spectrum of businesses enabling communication solutions through internet connectivity with worldwide community at large.

Primarily established in 1999 as an Internet Service Provider, Globe Internet Limited has over the years evolved into a total ICT solutions provider for big enterprise businesses, government institutions, non-governmental, small and medium enterprises and individuals.