General public joins lawyer Ishmail Wadi’s petition demanding justice on murder of Njaunju

By Duncan Mlanjira

Members of the public have come to the total support of the call made on social media by private practice lawyer Ismael Wadi, who is demanding justice for murdered former Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) director of corporate affairs, Issa Njaunju.

Njaunju was gruesomely murdered in 2015 in Lilongwe but the case was not properly investigated as to the motive.

Ishmail Wadi

Wadi writes: “About the 4th July 2015, a respectable employee of the ACB, Issa Njauju was murdered in cold blood.

“It is no doubt that his death was a highly calculated of a person well vested with assassination. He was tracked, trailed and murdered. It is said that within that period he was expected to present a sensitive report to the President [Peter Mutharika].

Former President Mutharika

“Government has a duty to protect the general public and it is a sad that years after the heinous murder, the dangerous criminals are still loose.

“And a sharp contrast on the other side, the deceased wife and children, who were immediately deprived of support, are suffering alone and with so much pain and agony in their hearts, and only justice can restore their hearts and dignity.

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“Dear friends, please join me to demand justice for Issa Njauju. The investigation of this case should resume forthwith with new detectives taking over the file and all suspects connected with the case immediately arrested, incarcerated and detained,” Wadi appealed on Facebook.

People immediately came to his support and asked if an online petition should be initiated.

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Brian Mchenga said: “We must act, set the precedent and put the record straight over the death of Njauju. I join you, Ishmail demanding justice to flow like water.”

Francisco Zimba said the public as well as Njaunju’s family have the right to justice and appealed those to handle the case should ensure they have all the conclusive information and evidence to prosecute the murder.

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He said past cases during previous government was not having conclusive investigation that  in the end people could come out innocent and later pay them huge sums of money as compensation.

“Please be professional in dealing with this case. So help us God,” Zimba said.

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Mustapha Kaunde said: “The reason I voted for Tonse Alliance is to see and make sure that the murderers of Issa Njauju are apprehended and the long arm of law has taken its course while Clement Mwazambumba said this is one crime that shouldn’t be left buried.

“Not in a democratic Malawi. We could  put together a petition, gather signatures and present it before the IG while the wind of change is still blowing,” he said.