Former Malawi Chess Association publicist Makhosi Nyirenda publishes second book; ‘Learning the Alien Game’

* His first was entitled ‘The Chess Injection’

* TM Associates Consulting Engineers buys several copies and donated to six schools

By Duncan Mlanjira

Former Chess Association of Malawi (CHESSAM) publicity secretary, Makhosi Nyirenda has published his second book entitled ‘Learning the Alien Game’ and some copies have been bought by TM Associates Consulting Engineers which have been donated to six secondary schools.

His first, ‘The Chess Injection’ was published in 2019 and he started his second project in June 2020 — that was launched in May 2021.

Makhosi said so far over 80 copies have been sold through Maneno Bookshop in Lilongwe, Bookmate Publishers, Central Bookshop in Blantyre and some he is personally selling at K10,000 each.

The secondary schools that received the book donations for their chess clubs are Bwaila, HHI, Chichiri, Our Lady of Wisdom, BSS and James Chiona.


Makhosi retired from active participation of competitions in 2013 to concentrate on coaching as he is a licensed world chess federation FIDE instructor since 2012.

“It was a big surprise for the chess fraternity when I announced my retirement because it was when I was playing my best chess and a really promising talent but my chess administration as CHESSAM PS and coaching duties were taking much of my time.

“I couldn’t concentrate well during tournaments, so I had to choose one thing and that was to coach as it has always been my desire that when I am still young and energetic I should contribute towards helping mould the next generation of chess players.”

However, he is still relevant to the game he has so much passion for as he is chairperson of Southern Africa Chess Events and Publicity Commission and also an international chess journalist.

Gracian, a buyer in Mzuzu

He has been coaching since 2013 and followed up his desire to author a book in 2019 whose success spurred him to write another.

He said he learnt chess in the late 1990s whilst in primary school through his father but did not play in competitions until 2003 as he prepared to be much better and make an immediate impact.

His chess highlights include being Lab Enterprise Champion in 2008 and as runners of the same Lab Enterprise in 2008 as well as qualifying for national finals several times.

“I was clearly one of the top players of Southern Region Chess League and I ever represented Malawi not as a player but coach and captain at the 2016 Baku Chess Olympiad in Azerbaijan.”

Makhosi Nyirenda

He retired without being titled because “at that time titles and ratings were not that common but I played at par with the likes of FIDE Masters Chiletso Chipanga and Joseph Mwale”.

He said he is humbled that chess enthusiasts have supported him by buying the book and orders came from all over the country.

“This is a sport I am so passionate for and since the up-and-coming youths won’t be able to learn some chess tricks through physical playing against me, I thought I should put my game’s experiences in a book.

“It is important that players should constantly read chess literature which many other world top players have published and I thought I should add my own local flavour.

“I thank the support I received from TM Associates Consulting Engineers to donate some copies to the six secondary school chess clubs and those interested to emulate that are very welcomed,” he said.

Book donation to schools courtesy of TM Associates Consulting Engineers