DPP orders it’s members to stop campaigning for party presidency

One member who is known to be campaigning for the party Dalitso Kabambe

* “Position of the party presidency not vacant”

* The DPP’s convention will be held in 2023

By Duncan Mlanjira

The Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has ordered members who are campaigning for the party presidency to stop with immediate effect, saying the position is not vacant.

A statement issued by the party’s spokesperson, Brown Mpinganjira says the immediate agenda of the Party’s President, Peter Mutharika is to unite it and “strengthen it’s structures” and that “agenda is being undermined by the divisive campaign being undertaken by aspirants in the districts and social media, years ahead of the party convention in 2023”.

Mutharika to be replaced in 2023

“The Central Committee reminds all members that the position of Party presidency of the DPP is not vacant at this moment in time [and] advises all aspirants to cease, forthwith, either by themselves or their agents, campaigning through social media,” said the statement issued on Monday, March 8.

Late last year, Mutharika said he shall support the person who would be elected at the party convention up to 2025 for the next national presidential election.


He also took cognizance that the DPP’s structures at area, zone, constituency and regional level have collapsed but promised that they are rebuilding in preparation for the convention.

One member who is known to be campaigning for the party is former Reserve Bank Governor, Dalitso Kabambe.

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