2019 Malawi Warm Heart Pro Tour set for November

By Duncan Mlanjira

Professional Golfers Association in Malawi (PGAMW) has set November 14-16 as the dates for its second edition of its flagship golf tournament, the Malawi Warm Heart Pro Tour that attracts foreign participation.

Shycal speaking to players and guests after last year’s tournament

In a press statement PGAMW president Patridge Shycal is since appealing for co-sponsorship from respective corporate companies Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), local and international NGOs as this falls under marketing the country’s tourism.

Shycal speaking during last year’s event

“We guarantee our prospective partners or sponsors’ visibility and value for money,” Shycal said.

“By partnering with PGAMW through sponsorship in this auspicious international tournament, organizations will not only assist in promoting the game of golf, but also increase visibility of their products and services through  various  advertisement channels that will be made available throughout the week of the tour.

“This shall enhance their social legitimacy through the social responsibility package attached to the tournament.

A foreign player in action

“We shall embark on serious marketing drive to sell the agenda and see how many corporates can partner wit us. 

“For this reason we are are not definite on the prize money but we anticipate to raise funds between $25,000 to $50,000, of which part of it  shall go towards charity.”

PGAMW successfully organized the first-ever Malawi’s professional golf tournament, dubbed the Warm Heart Pro Tour in 2018 that was played at the magnificent Lilongwe Golf Club, and attracted a total of 63 golfers from eight African countries and Europe namely; Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Eswatini, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Portugal. 

“Based on the success stories from the tournament, PGAMW agreed to host yet another tour in 2019 and focus on another critical area of development in Malawi from where the theme was to be drawn other than tourism targeted in 2018. 

“In line with that decision, PGAMW takes the pleasure of announcing the return of a more exciting professional golf tour in Malawi, under the theme “Teeing off for a resilient and adaptive climate related hazards and Natural Disasters in Malawi”. 

“The theme is developed to give a human face to the prestigious game of golf and extend the fun to the less privileged and the vulnerable people. 

“It draws its background from the impact of climate extremes and weather events in Malawi, especially the cyclone Idai which claimed over 50 lives and displaced thousands others. 

“Given that extreme weathers are recurrent, PGAMW found it fit to align the  theme of the Warm Heart Pro Tour 2019, to goal 13.1 of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Malawi National Climate Change Management Policy. 

“The Warm heart Pro Tour 2019 will serve two purposes; to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the game of golf and to mitigate the impact of climate related hazards and natural disasters on vulnerable people in poor rural settings of Malawi,” Shycal said.

In order to necessitate wider participation and render prospective sponsors, a good advertising avenue has been created as this year’s event has deliberately provided an avenue for diversity of sponsors to include international and local NGOs advancing the sustainable development agendas bordering the thematic focus of the competition.

“We have lowered the entry fee for all corporate institutions from as low as US$500 to allow more participation in this international tournament. 

“We reserve the right for main sponsors who would want to enjoy exclusivity during the tour. Expected to be played over 54 holes (3days) from Thursday to Saturday, the entry fee to the tour is pegged at $75 per player.”