MDF shoots dead soldier who killed two fellow soldiers


By Duncan Mlanjira

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) managed to track down shoot dead Corporal Robert Banya, the fugitive soldier who is reported to have shot dead his fellow soldiers at Tsangano in Ntcheu when they tried to dissuade him from shooting his former lover, another MDF female soldier.

Reports say Banya fled to Ntcheu Boma and as the MDF mounted a manhunt locals, who had identified him alerted the Military Police ho were spotted at the Boma.

“Upon spotting the Military Police, and that he was cornered, the fugitive soldier opened fire on his colleagues and they reciprocated.

“Within a split of a moment, they managed to subdue him,” said our source.

The subdued soldier

Banya shot dead his fellow soldiers at Tsangano in Ntcheu where MDF soldiers are constructing the Tsangano-Neno-Mwanza road. 

MDF spokesperson Major Paul Chiphwanya identified the victims as Corporal Keaton Mtambo and Corporal Gift Magombo.

It is reported that Corporal Banya had a love affair with fellow female soldier and their relationship went sour over some disagreements and the woman wanted to terminate their affair.

Furious with this, Banya is reported to have been hostile and and violent towards the lady, who resorted to have reported him to the Police and was consequently arrested.

Upon his release, reports say, Banya went to Kamuzu Barracks and got unauthorized custody of an official pistol from his Military Police department and managed to sneak out of the barracks with it.

He proceeded straight to Tsangano where the lady and her fellow soldiers were working on the road with the intention to kill shoot shoot his former lover.

The victims, Banya’s fellow Military Police soldiers, are said to have have tried to talk to him against his intended actions and he instead drew the gun and shot them. 

The MDF executed the manhunt soon after the incident on Friday.

“I think he engaged the Military Police who had cornered knowing he will be quickly taken down,” said Kingsley Phiri. 

“I think that’s what he wanted to happen because I am quite sure he came back to his senses he realised that what he had done was horrible, very horrible.

“It is something one cannot love it with. What a shame. I understand he was quite a good soldier, professionally,” he said.