Malawi Speaker of Parliament distances herself from a Facebook account

By Duncan Mlanjira

Malawi Speaker of Parliament,  Catherine Gotani Hara has declared publicly that a Facebook page that has been created is not her account and that she does not manage any other Facebook account.

A public notice issued on Thursday, July 30 by the National Assembly’s chief public relations officer, Ian Mwenye says it has been established that it is someone else who has opened this account.

First woman Speaker of Parliament Catherine
Gotani Hara
to be present

Mwenye said it was in the public interest to alert people know of this scam that she does not endorse the contents of the said page.

“Please unfollow all such similar accounts. The general public is further assured that the issue has since been reported to relevant authorities,” said the notice.

The Speaker will not be the first to fall into this kind of pathetic actions by some members of the public because many other high profile politicians and corporate officials have had fake Facebook accounts opened in their name.

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Recently, former State Vice-President and Member of Parliament, Everton Chimulirenji also expressed his dismay that someone created a Facebook page on which comments were being postee that were ridiculing and portraying him as if he is an illiterate.

The creator was posting unsavory comments in broken English as if it’s the former legislator who does that and in an interview, Chimulirenji distanced himself from the Facebook profile, saying the creator of the account is very immoral and what he is doing is pathetic.

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“I really wonder why someone can stoop that low and ridicule me without being provoked,” he had said.

“I have served my country as well as my constituency to the best of my capability and I really feel so sad to be treated like dirt.

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“Malawians must learn to be respectful and not use social media to attack innocent people under disguise. Let’s stop this type of behavior,” he had implored.