First Lady visits World Vision in New York

New York, September 26, 2019: First Lady Gertrude Mutharika has commended World Vision for uplifting lives of Malawians through various programmes.

Such programmes include health, agriculture, food security, education, economic development, child protection, water and sanitation.

Mutharika said this on Thursday during her visit to World Vision offices in New York where she addressed the organisation’s executives.

“My visit today is to appreciate your office and also convey my appreciation to various US sponsors who are contributing to Malawi’s economic development through your organization,” said Mutharika adding, “Malawi Government acknowledges the transformative interventions and the change you are making in our communities.”

In 2018, World Vision Malawi (WVM) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Beautify Malawi (BEAM) Trust to join forces in pursuit of beautifying Malawi. BEAM was initiated by Mutharika.

Through the partnership with WVM, Mutharika launched World Vision’s “It takes A World To End Child Marriages” campaign.

“The issue of ending Child Marriages and eliminating all forms of violence against children is dear to my heart,” said Mutharika.

The First lady disclosed that her husband, President Peter Mutharika, is involved with World Vision for Malawi to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) number five and 10 which call for gender equality and women empowerment and reduced inequalities respectively.

The First Lady disclosed that that President Mutharika has been one of World Vision’s sponsors during his 40 years in America.

Mutharika also commended the otganisation for working with government in the He4She campaign to encourage male involvement in ending gender based violence and promote gender equality of which President Mutharika is the current UN Champion.

In 2018, government endorsed World Vision as the Principal Recipient of the Global Fund Malaria Programme.

“Your organization has not failed Malawians in the implementation of the Global Fund Malaria prevention Mass Campaign project. Through the partnership between World Vision and Government, we issued Mosquito nets countrywide to the vulnerable, mainly children and pregnant mothers,” said Mutharika.

Presently, WVM is implementing the Indoor Residue Spraying initiatives to control malaria.

World Vision Partnership Leader for Advocacy and External Engagement Daniela Buzducea commended Mutharika for her concern about children and the vulnerable. She also commended her initiating an initiative to end child marriages in Malawi.

“We would like to thank the First Lady for being such a champion for such an important cause because violence against children is happening in all the world,” said Buzducea.