Blessed Citizen to drop a COVID-19 single


By Blessings Kapina, MANA

Lilongwe-based musician Blessed Citizen — whose real name is Dalitso Brian Chimombo — is planning to drop a single entitled ‘Sekelera’ which will be released on June 20 this year.

Blessed Citizen said the single is meant to encourage people to rejoice all the time regardless of any situations they might be going through.

Dalitso Brian Chimombo

“The Bible, in the book of 1 Thessalonians, tells us that we should always rejoice in our Lord Jesus Christ, hence the title Sekelera,” said Blessed Citizen in an interview on Wednesday.

“The song is there to encourage everyone to see the beautiful side of life’s struggles. After the Coronavirus pandemic is gone, people should be able to go back to their normal lives even stronger.”

Coronavirus alert

He added that, being an artist he has been able to sense the signs of the times people are passing through, therefore, decided to compose the song.

“This single was composed long time ago but due to some issues it had to wait and then came the issues of Coronavirus.  I feel like God wanted it to be made in its perfect time,” he said.

Coronavirus alert

He further said people should expect the message of hope in the single during this time of Coronavirus pandemic.

The artist is currently working on an album which he is set to release soon.

In Sekelera, Blessed Citizen has featured hip hop gospel heavyweights such as Beracah and Khethwayo.

Produced by Chozizwa Studio with the beat made by Sir Odilo, Sekelera will be premiered on June 20th this month by Dj Marcus on Joy Radio.