We will not use common sense but the law—Kazako

*As the Bushiris present themselves to the police

*Warrant of arrest issued by Interpol Pretoria

By Duncan Mlanjira

Information Minister Gospel Kazako has told South African media that the country’s well knit legal system will follow the law and not common sense in dealing with the case of Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, who handed themselves over to the police on Wednesday morning.

Minister Kazako

In a virtual interview with eNCA TV, Kazako confirmed that the two are expected to appear before the court to continue hearing the case of his escape from South Africa and that his warrant of arrest was issued by Interpol Pretoria.

When asked why Malawi moved so quickly to arrest the Bushiris, Kazako said as a law abiding country, she followed the dictates of the law as requested by Interpol Pretoria.

“We looked at our obligation and decided to move in as according to the law,” he said.

Malawi’s judiciary is Chatham House award

When asked if he could assure the South African authorities that the legal system would make sure the Bushiris are extradited back to South Africa to face their trial, Kazako said “first and foremost Malawi has one the best judicial systems in the world”.

“You might wish to know that Malawi’s judicial system is an award winner at global level. It is the winner of the Chatham House award in the United Kingdom.

“It was recognised for [best one of the best legal systems] because of what the judiciary here does and the doubts should not be there, we are going to follow the law — and follow it to the detail.

“Anything that we will be required to do, we will do it using the law, we will not use common sense, but the law,” he said.

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In a statement in which he announced his plans to present himself to the police, Bushiri said he did not come to Malawi not to seek political intervention but to seek justice before the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.

“I have strong belief in the Constitution of Malawi because it protects its every citizen, including my wife and I.

“Because of that, I will be presenting myself before law enforcement agencies this morning to legally explain and defend the decisions that I made to come to Malawi.

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“I am innocent until proven guilty. As of now, there is no court in the world that has proven me guilty. I may be subjected by media and public trial but I mantain my innocence until proven guilty.

“It is unfortunate, therefore, to have the Minister of Home Affairs in South Africa to intentionally and unfairly mislead the people of South Africa and the whole world in this regard,” he said.

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