WaterAid joins government in Coronavirus response

Maravi Express

As many countries face the risk of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), WaterAid in Malawi joins the government of Malawi to effectively respond to the threats of the pandemic.

WaterAid Country Director Mercy Masoo

Although there are no detected cases yet in Malawi, prevention of the spread of the disease through increasing awareness about the disease and supporting the people who work to improve and sanitation and hygiene in public spaces and institutions.


“In our response, we go beyond Health Care facilities,” says WaterAid in Malawi Country Director, Mercy Masoo.

“In emergency situations like this one, WaterAid in Malawi believes in collaboration to achieve maximum results. Already, we work closely with government and this pandemic calls for concerted efforts.

Masoo greets Lilongwe City Mayor

“We have handed over some supplies to Lilongwe City Council because we recognise the council’s role in promoting sanitation and hygiene.

“The materials we have supplied will help them do their work and promote the preventive measures that have been put in place towards the fight against the pandemic in the city.”

Presenting the products

Apart from the supplies to Lilongwe City Council, WaterAid in Malawi — in collaboration with the Ministry of Health — is involved in awareness campaign on COVID-19 through messages broadcast on television, radio, social media and newspapers.

“As most of the people might be aware, COVID-19 is spread through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. 


“The common symptoms include high fever, tiredness and dry cough.”

To prevent infection and to slow transmission of COVID-19, WaterAid encourages everyone to wash hands regularly with soap and clean water, or clean the hands with alcohol-based hand rub.

Coronavirus alert

The public is also asked to maintain at least 1 metre distance between persons (especially in closed spaces) and to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

“When coughing or sneezing, people are encouraged use the inside elbow to prevent droplets from spreading.

“Keep safe, protect yourself and others. Avoid spreading the virus,” says WaterAid.


Meanwhile, Blantyre City Mayor Wild Ndipo have increased restrictions made as regards to Coronavirus, that include banning social gatherings such as bridal showers, engagements, live band performances, crusades, open space aerobics and sporting activities.

Coronavirus alert

Also banned are parties, night clubs and other activities that attract large numbers of people and or make people breech the recommended social distance of at least one meter. 

“For funerals and other emergencies, the Council is advising the conveners to take precautionary measures by limiting the number of attendees and also ensuring there is provision of water buckets and hand washing soap displayed at strategic places so that everyone can access to wash their hands, and the observance of social distance,” says the Mayor.

Blantyre City Mayor Wild Ndipo (2nd right)

“The Council is advising all vendors who were plying their trade along the streets to immediately relocate to the designated markets where water buckets mixed with chlorine have been placed in all strategic points with the belief that all markets users will make good use of the facilities. 

Coronavirus alert

“We would like to urge all residents to do their part by joining the Council in the fight against this pandemic. 

“Let us do the right thing during this time when we are under the threat of contracting this life threatening virus. In so doing, we will together overcome this problem,” he said.