TNM introduces 2000% bonus airtime for SIM reactivation

* Numbers that have been inactive for more than 60 days

* By buying airtime on Mpamba and if they recharge using scratch cards and banks, they will receive 1000% bonus

* Customers are encouraged to recharge with high values on their first monthly recharge to get the highest bonus value

By Duncan Mlanjira

In the continuation of celebrating the Mahape moments and introduction of 5G network, TNM Plc has introduced a ground-breaking ‘Welcome Back Offer’ for TNM SIM card reactivation by offering an incentive of 2000% instant bonus.


This will be given once customers reactivate their TNM numbers that have been inactive for more than 60 days by buying airtime on Mpamba and if they recharge using scratch cards and banks, they will receive 1000% bonus.

Making the announcement, TNM’s head of brand & marketing, Madalitso Jonazi said the bonus offers are available to all TNM numbers and applicable to the first recharge they do during this month.

Madalitso Jonazi

“Customers are encouraged to recharge with high values on their first monthly recharge to get the highest bonus value,” he said. “Customers will get the bonus on their first recharge for a period of 3 months.

“This is a welcome back gift for our customers, who have not been using their TNM SIM cards for more than 60 days. At TNM, we continue to bring exciting services to customers as part of the Mahape,” said Jonazi.

TNM has initiated simple process to enable customers get their inactive TNM SIM cards working again and Jonazi emphasized that “there is no rocket science for customers to enjoy this intriguing offers. Customers just need to put their inactive SIM cards back into their mobile devices and recharge through Mpamba to get 2000% bonus or through scratch cards, electronic vouchers, or banks to earn 1000% bonus usable within seven days”.


He added that the offer reaffirms TNM’s commitment towards assisting Malawians experience good quality mobile services that best suit their needs and lifestyle.

“The 2000% bonus is one of TNM’s drive to give its customers great value for their money. TNM is determined to provide value to customers. We keep bringing innovative services and products to ensure Malawians are aligned to the current technology advancements.”

TNM, established in 1995, is the oldest telecommunications company in Malawi which covers more than 88% of the country.

The Mahape campaign, launched alongside the introduction of the ground-breaking and industry-revolutionising 5th Generation (5G) network — which delivers the fastest and highest quality mobile internet speeds — celebrates TNM network’s ability to bring happiness to customers.

At the launch last month, TNM’s Chief Executive Officer, Michel Hebert said the communications campaign aims to capture the happy moments that the TNM network creates in the everyday life and business of our customers.

“The goal is to celebrate our network’s capability to empower users in their respective areas of endeavors, while achieving different milestones,” he had said.

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MAHAPE will be applied in all its services and products to reflect its wide range of customers’ positive aspirations, with Herbert saying: “The essence of what we can create and deliver for our customers using the TNM network, the happy outcomes of all transactions on TNM network.

“These transactions include TNM internet and voice services, value-for-money data, and voice packages, Mpamba, Enterprise and Cloud Computing services, among others,” he said.

TNM became the first mobile network operator in Malawi to launch the 5G network just like it were the first to launch 2G, 3G & 4G network services at an investment of K5.2 billion (US$5.1 million) that spanned for two years done in partnership with Huawei, the world’s technology leader.

The 5G services will deliver excellent end-user experiences as it offers internet speeds of up to 600Mbps per site with 50MHz of spectrum and up to 1.2Gbps per site with 100MHz of spectrum, which is a quantum leap over 4G throughputs.

Also last month, TNM was recognized as the ‘Best Internet Connectivity’ company in Malawi by Information Technology Association of Malawi (ICTAM) at the 2023 ICT Expo held in Lilongwe — held under the theme ‘Building Business Resilience Through Digital Technology’.

TNM was awarded for its excellent internet service delivery which has revolutionized access to internet and improved broadband speeds in Malawi — competing with Airtel and Inq Digital.